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Getting high off shitty shake

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rookiegrower69, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. I've been using marijuana to help with anxiety, migraines, and stomach problems for the last few years. It really helps me with my appetite (I get stomach aches that keep me from eating) and keep my headaches away, as well as stopping my anxiety attacks and making me able to relax. Today I'm going out to the beach with a friend, who is on drug testing, and her family. Her family is super against smoking, especially now that she was caught with it and has to do testing until December. She gave me a bit of shake (maybe an eighth or so) that seems alright, I smoked some and it didn't get me very high, but didn't irritate my stomach or burn my throat either. I think it's from good quality bud, just that's all she had left. So now I'm faced with a dilemma. I have my oil vaporiser that has less that 0.5 left in it (I'll post pics of both my vape and the weed in a bit) but I don't want to use it as I can't get more oil for another two to three weeks. She also has some super thick concentrate. I haven't smoked all day, but I know if I don't I'm going to be miserable, and I'd really like to enjoy the beach today. So, how should I go about it? I can't smoke because they'll notice. I was thinking of eating it (I've done that once before as a last resort) but I'm not sure if I should. Any suggestions? I'm really open to anything at this point, I just don't want to be miserable at the beach today.

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  2. Hello , Tony from Cincinnati here, I suffer from Migraines & type 2 diabetes, often wondered if it would help. Good luck to you

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  3. hmm. You said she had some "super thick concentrate".. So I'm assuming the .5 of oil you have in your vape is cut with PG and is in liquid form?

    If I'm understanding this right, that super thick concentrate is probably either wax or shatter.. If you didn't want to vape your oil, what I would so is load some of that shitty shake in a piece, preferably bong. Put a small thin sheets of that thick concentrate your friend has ontop of the bowl. Then with a lighter I would suck very very slowly so that the flame is not touching the weed or the concentrate, but hovering over. It'll melt the concentrate on the weed. After its nicely melted, take a breath & take a normal hit. But not too big of a hit cus you needa HOLD THAT SHIT IN for like over a minute if you can.. so that the smoke will completely dissipate and there is little to nothing when you exhale.

    If you're extra worried about getting caught, you could also combine that method with doing it in a bathroom, with a sploof, and take a hot shower afterwards. Also, plug the top of the bowl right after you the hit with like a quarter so there's no smoke off the bowl. BAM, you got yourself higher than you could have with the shitty shake, and you're in the clear!
  4. In my experience shitty shake makes headaches and migraines worse. If shake is your only option, get creative with how you use it, and try not to use too much because that's what sets off the shitty migraine-like feels.
  5. Thanks for the helpful response!

    Great idea, but the problem is her mother doesn't trust me anymore so constantly walks into her room unannounced to check if we are smoking, so I'm too paranoid to even risk packing a bowl and having the shit out for that long. Ended up swallowing some, not much but hopefully enough to get me just a lil high without giving me more of a migraine. I also had about two small hits from my pen on a low heat setting, and I had one small hit of the shake in her pipe and blew it through some dryer sheets. Off to the beach now, wish me luck.

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  6. Also yes, I cut it with PG because it was too thick and kept clogging up my vape. Hers is wax, very little of it so I'm gonna save it for later use. she's giving me all her stuff, I'll pay her back with fresh bud in December after her last test, seems like a win-win.

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