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Getting high off kief

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by psychadelicvibes, Feb 27, 2016.

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    How high can you get if you only use a sprinkle amount of kief ?

    What side effects have you experienced ?

    Leave any good/bad trip stories down below.
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  2. poorly worded questions.

    1. It can get you high (depends on amount smoked)

    2. Depends on how much you smoke.

    3. Bad trip? Cannabis effects all differently, I've only had a bad trip after to much alcohol+ cig+cannabis
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  3. I just had some the other day, it sent me into mental war zone where I felt way too high. Havent had that experience in over a year but there it was. It lasted about 2 hours but I was fine after 15 minutes of the worst of it.
  4. I usually press my kief to make it easier to handle, but yes, it will get you high. Very, very high if you smoke a decent amount of it. Do yourself a favor and throw a screen or two in your bowl fist, though. If you've ever seen an hourglass, you know why. :p
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  5. I notice a huge bump in high if i sprinkle some kief on the top of my bp's.

    As far as bad trips go i haven't had any off kief. but chances are if u have em on regular weed they are more prone to happening if you are using a more potent form of cannabis. I always have a good happy intense uplifting high off the keif.

    Best of luck op

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  6. Side effects? Bad trips? Kief gets you HIGH? What planet are you from?

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  7. Just smoke it.
  8. Personally Kief get's me just as high as weed, It's more about the amount you smoke.
  9. Kief is gonna get you way higher than weed if you were to smoke the same amount of each, I usually just sprinkle some on top of my bowls though.
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  10. I remember smoking just a sprinkle of kief in a bowl with nothing else. I was so high to the point I got a little paranoid.
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  11. I smoked vape kief in a small tobacco rizla. It was mostly burnt kief. It got me wasted for a good 45 minutes. Tastes nasty though.

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