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getting high makes me feel like i'm losing sanity?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by openurmind, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Okay it seems every time i smoke alone, with nothing really there to distract me, i start to overthink EVERYTHING which makes me feel like i am losing my mind. last night i smoked a blunt and laid in bed and i convinced myself that i am going to die soon and that i ruined my whole family. it was overbearing, i kept trying to fall asleep but it was just these endless thoughts. i couldn't stop thinking negatively. i just felt like i was going crazy.
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  2. Theres something weighing heavy on you, i dont think the weeds doing this. If anything its unlocking small things that need to be dealt with...

    Or you know. Nothing is wrong
    Just play video games

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  3. Dude, don't even trip, sometimes the same shit happens to me.
    Like, I'll get high and BAM, 2 minutes later I'm thinking about suicide.

    But I'm still here. So, like, don't read too much into it, you know?
  4. The only way to stop thinking is by taking these powerful atypical antipsychotics doctors dish out to people. Those for certain cut off your brain circuitry and will make you a thoughtless consuming zombie, if that is how you prefer to be. Or drink alcohol. Same difference.

    Weed is for those who want to think, not the opposite.
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  5. How about taking a hit or two instead of an entire blunt..?
    Sometimes you get more with less.

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  6. Weed requires some mental navigation. It acts like a thought amplifier, so if you don't actively make efforts to focus on positive things, then the mind can go down dark rabbit holes when high. This is why Set and Setting are so important. If you've never heard about it, look it up. Every smoker should follow it as much as possible.

    If you're having too many negative thoughts, then don't smoke under stressful circumstances. This can be both major and minor stuff, since once high, even small things like lack of privacy can mess with your head. Put yourself in as comfortable and safe of an environment as possible, and exercise focusing the mind on pleasant things.
  7. Reefer madness. Take only one and a half whole marijuanas when indulging.

  8. Sounds like you might be sensitive to marijuana's psychoactive properties. Try a strain that's lower in THC but higher in CBD...that should level out your rollercoaster a bit. Also, as has already been mentioned, smoking less might help.

    :GettingStoned: Hope this helps. It sounds like you enjoy being high; otherwise, you wouldn't still be doing it.
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  9. My original post was a joke btw hence the "billy" which I felt applied here however if you can't stop thinking negatively when you're high that's not weed causing it, it's weed bringing what's already there to the surface. I'm not saying don't smoke, but if you do: take a look at what's causing those negative thoughts and how you can fix them. You'll know what it is.
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