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Getting high is boring!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Brantley, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Glad your not my son. :hello: I would kick your ass.
  2. ok, so we know that OP is a dishonest person that will steal from his own father...:mad:

    ...I wonder how 'dad' would feel about his on flesh and blood stealing from him....ever think of that Mr Thief?
  3. Your age has a lot to do with your high ...... How old are you op ?
  4. yeah- i could MAYBE be interested in telling this spastic rookie how to chill the fuck out- grow up- and handle his shit . ..

    BUT..... the kids stealing weed from his dad- then freaking out like a 5yr old because he 'cant handle it'?? and you come on HERE for advise??

    Advise 1; grow the fuck up- and don't smoke again until you can afford it buy it.
    advise 2-3-4-5...etc > repeat step 1.

    And by the time you figure that out you SHOULD have grown up enough that a little piff- and being by yourself doesn't equal "omg my brain is wrong- maybe i am crazy for ever.."

  5. It's not so bad taking things from family (unless it's valuable or they will miss it).
    I'd rather do that than take from friends or their houses.... Not that I do either :)
  6. My advice would be to smoke more. One hitter?.....
  7. Get some sativa man.
  8. Btw not all so keen on the one hitter idea.
    Buy some rolling papers and roaches and then you can go and smoke joints anywhere.
    Btw do you smoke on your own? Cus that would be more boring

  9. That's is BS man, how is stealing from the people that trust you not so bad. :mad:
  10. take that 4wheeler out in the woods to some spots with your music and toke up
  11. A lot of my friends are lazy stoners.

    If you're already smoking sativa, and just happen to be a tired individual, you just gotta get up and go. Get in the habit of doin shit, and I guess it'll be easier.
  12. THIEF!
    why don't you grow a pair and ask him for a nug or 2, weed allowence?

    work for smoke = not so lazy get to be high often socialization with your dad...

    I honestly think your to young to smoke when you asked your dad for som nugs so you jsut steal...Grow a pair rob a bank for weed.
  13. 1) Don't steal from your dad. That's a douche thing.
    2) Wait for something with a little more sativa in it.
    3) Even if no sativa, suck it up, sip some water, and go ride 4-wheelers to music.
    4) Don't steal. Go make money and buy your own.
  14. I've been through similar situations. A lot of good advice here. I would say smoke more weed cause your probably not getting high enough, but before that, take some time to plan out things you'd like to do high, or things you've never done high. Experience new activities while your baked.

  15. Yeah I get what you're saying
    But whats's worse?
    Eating a few of your parents chocolates, or eating your friends parents chocolates? Lol

  16. Haha I get what your saying too brother. :smoke:
  17. Y'all need to chill the fuck out. "OH YOU THIEF!!! DONT STEAL!!" First off I work my ass off nearly every day for my dad. We run a farm together. So it's not like I'm some average kid that plays video games and mooches off their parents. I work for the shit I do. Two, I'm not comfortable buying weed myself. People in my area are really fucking shady, I know dealers that lace their shit with coke and that sell schwag. My dad buys from someone older and trustable for years, don't know him though.

    Two, I handle my high just fine. I have smoked more since this thread has been created and my tolerance is upped.
  18. Here's a 5 step process that should help you out,

    1: get a job
    2: get some friends to smoke with

    3: buy a strain that's sativa dominant

    4: actually do something before you start smoking

    5: stop being a bitch/thief


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