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Getting high is boring!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Brantley, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Okay so my dad buys really good fucking dank, he usually gets about $400 worth of weed then he has that last him a while. So I might take a few grams every once in a while (He never notices). Well every time I get high I always never do the shit I want to do. Like when I'm sober, i'll be like okay I'm gonna go listen to amazing music while exploring in the woods, i'm gonna ride fourhweeler, blah blah blah. but everytime I smoke up I get extremely lazy, I sit in the chair, eat some food, masturbate, then go to bed. I WANT TO DO THINGS FUN! I want to explore, do interesting stuff, some people say like "Go play some xbox bro" But I've tried that. I can't concenctrate enough, I get really bored of it after 5 min.
    any ideas? Here are some additional questions

    1) So I smoke from a one-hitter [​IMG] (Looks like that) I love it cause it makes my weed last so much longer and it conserves it. But WTF everytime I pack it I can never get the resen/cashed shit out of there. I'll take like 3 hits, some times 5 and still can't get it out. I'll hit it with my lighter and blow but it doesn't come out unless i dig it out with a fork lol .

    2) Any good videos to watch while high? :D
  2. 1. Don't hate on the masterbate.

    2. Stop stealing from daddy.

    3. Find a dank sativa strain.

    4. Trailer Park Boys
  3. [ame=]"Communists are like pussy cats" - Bertolucci 1900 - YouTube[/ame]

    I just don't like cats
  4. dont smoke then brah.

    easy as dat
  5. [ame=]Afroman - Because I got High (Explicit Version) - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Dopest shit ^^ even though the video didn't pop up
  7. You should get your own sativa weed. It is more of a day head high instead of your dads stuff that seems to be an indica strain which is a body couchlock high. The sativa gives you more of an upper and personally gives me energy to do things
  8. Obviously you can't handle the weed your dad is smoking, try some lesser quality & make sure it's sativa not indica.
  9. Have a Gravity bong and you won't think being high is boring.
  10. Its a set up
  11. do something active
  12. You need to get an sativa and see if you make the same excuse, Indica tends to "glue you to the seat" without getting up, that's mostly good if you just wanna chill and relax.
  13. Don't get high at home
    Go to the woods with your friends and make a fire etc

  14. Lol i have the exact same one hitter, i never use it though unless im in public,

    But when it gets clogged like that you gotta boil some water and pour it into a container put your pipe in and the hot water will clean it out :smoke:
  15. You thief!
  16. so if you aren't enjoying it, then why do you do it?
  17. Go outside in the woods on your 4 wheeler(bring a fork)

    And then smoke...
  18. I also rock that one hitter, can be a bitch to get the junk out after a few tokes. Good to keep a paper clip near by and ream that bitch clean:cool:
  19. If you're too lazy to start doing something fun, start the fun task and smoke whilst doing it. It's awesome.

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