Getting high is boring now?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cplus, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. When I get high now I find it boring, to the point where I'd rather be sober. Anyway to rekindle my love with MarryJane?

  2. If you prefer to not be stoned, don't be stoned.  Nothing that says you have to blaze.  If/when you want to get blazed again, do it.
  3. Yeah, cannabis is abit more bland to me than before. I no longer get munchies, giggles, etc..

    Just simply high or stoned.
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    I wait all goddam day to sit on my couch and get high. Feels good to chill with a beer and a dab. Still pound a bag of Doritos frequently and bake and eat whole trays of cookies.. Generally I smoke from 8 -10pm

    Toke less?
  5. Don't use the weed as your primary source of enjoyment. Instead, just use it to enhance activities but get your enjoyment from the activity itself and not so much the weed.
    That is how I cope with having a high tolerance haha.
  6. Don't make cannabis your gate-way drug.
  7. give up the herb for a while then. the herbs already showed you what to do, and may again at another time.
  8. Agreed, cannabis is a bad gateway drug.
    I used alcohol and nicotine instead, they worked much faster :smoking:
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    I definitely feel you on this, after about a year of smoking I stopped having that really enjoyable high I used to get in the past. I felt that maybe I should stop smoking as I couldn't get that high I have always loved. Not only that but I just didn't enjoy the sessions I was having. There are a few things that have helped me with this and I'll list them below:
    Using a new piece like a new bong with a cool perculation system or something like that
    Trying a vaporizer (healthier and produces a bit of a different high)
    Experimenting with edibles (weed cookies, weed brownies, weed macaroni, etc.)
    Smoking concentrates such as budder or oil (higher THC percentage, different method of smoking)
    Smoking alone or with good friends around good scenery or just at a cool spot
    Getting nice and stoned and listening to some good music (particularly at high volumes)
    There are many things you can do to enhance your smoking experience, although pot may not be for you I suggest you try experimenting with doing different things before you break up with Mary Jane, hope I helped dude.
  10. Take a break. Repetition can make just about anything boring...except sex. You can never have too much sex. 

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