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  1. I used to be crazy about learning how to lucid dream (still havent picked it up) and during that time, i would remember 2 or 3 dreams from each night, and write them down. There were a few dreams where i did various drugs, weed among them, and actually felt very realistic effects, which was really crazy.

    I dunno if im allowed to mention the other unmentionables, since i didnt actually do them, and never have. But i felt effects from them too, dunno if it was actually what it was like though :confused:

    Anyways, have you guys ever smoked in your dreams? Ive heard other people get these kinda dreams too, i just wanna hear some good stories :smoke:
  2. I too have done unmentionables in a dream and felt effects.... strange. Or maybe i wasn't dreaming and was tripping.... ugh i cant tell lol. But i ussaly dream about weed 3 nights a week maybe.
  3. I once took unmentionables and felt effects even though I'd never had them
  4. Ive done weed and different unmentionables in my dreams that were still the same unmentionables I've done in life. Weird doing drugs in dream. They felt cool but not the same as the actual effects. More body highs and feelings of flying even tho I wasn't. Funny, just last night I dreamed of pot and refilling my pain med script. Lol
  5. Ya i've had dreams where i have a nice hardcore trip since i've done a few unmentionables in real life my brain knows exactly what it feels like and can replicate the high of almost any drug i want in my dreams hell it can even magnify the effects i love it!!

    Being able to lucid dream is a gift :smoke:
  6. I just woke up from a dream where i smoked. i was smoking a nice blunt in the morning before school cuz my first period is TA, which it actually is, so i'd go in there high as fuck and just chill with my music in the back
  7. i once did dmt in a dream and it was way too realistic. but now that i think about it dmt is released in heavier doses than you can humanly smoke while you dream
  8. ^ the idea that DMT is released in dreams and at birth and death is kind of a myth.
  9. I've gotten high in my dreams. One time was pretty cool. I was smoking out of this bong that looked exactly like one of those jumbo pens. It was fucking awesome, I forget how it worked but in the dream my eyesight changed into blueprint vision. And I saw exactly how it was designed. I woke up and was disappointed it wasn't real, yet excited that I had a nice dream.
  10. This thread brings back the memory of about a year ago when I dreamed I was tripping on acid. It was the oddest dream ever, considering I've never even taken acid but had been interested in it. The trip made me feel like I was trippin balls in my dream though, it was weird.
  11. Yeah man, I saw my whole room's walls go colourful and this colourful eyes wrapped in different colours which are all spinning around.
    I've never even done that type of unmentionable before, but I had been reading up about it for like ~2 years.

    Just teasing me I swear :(

    They can have very realistic effects, believe me.
    As much as your mind can think of whilst your dreaming.
  12. I've gotten high and done unmentionables in my dreams and felt the effects even though I've never done them in real life. It was cool but probably not how they really feel.
    Oh, and just last night I had a dream I got my super straight-edge friend to smoke weed. She didn't like it, though. Pity
  13. [quote name='"Exodus2011"']i dreamt this thread wasnt gay then i woke up and realised it was but then said fuck it and got fucked in the ass by my twinkies![/quote]

    I didn't dream that you weren't a CUNT.
  14. i had a dream a couple of nights ago where i was with my old school teacher at a bench sort of thing, i was grinding up some primo bud for a joint, and then i woke up, realised it was a dream and realised i didnt have any weed. I was feeling bummed out to say the least.
  15. I smoke in dreams a lot and felt kinda high but i sure thought it was real
  16. Yes i have smoked weed and spice in my dreams. Considering i smoke both of them daily, it makes perfect sense. I don't remember any other drugs in my dreams though. And I've also waken up from a dream where i was about to smoke and i woke up thinking i had a bag of weed in my drawer. I woke up so happy that i was about to smoke and about 30 seconds after waking up i realize i didn't have weed... Biggest disappointment lol
  17. [quote name='"Zr-01stamg"']^ the idea that DMT is released in dreams and at birth and death is kind of a myth.[/quote]

    Actually it is scientific fact that it is released in heavy doses during REM sleep aka the deepest level of sleep. I'm not sure about the birth and death part. But do your research before stating your opinion.
  18. Ya I heard that too in fact I heard thats why you feel high in your dreams because your brain releases the same chemical in your dream as it does when you are actually smoking. Just something I heard in a drug class I had to attend. Its funny I haven't dreamed I was smoking in a while, but when I was on probation and getting random UA's I would always dream I was smoking, then wake up all worried that I was gonna get called in for a drug test. Its funny, even in the dream I would be thinking damn this is a bad idea, I am on probation. I'd always do it anyway though.
  19. Yes you do have DMT released in dreams and yes it is more than you should smoke but people attributre dreams to DMT alone which is silly.
  20. I hate it when you have weed in your dreams, but when you wake up and think of the weed you realize it was just a dream.:(

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