getting high in my dreams

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  1. ok well lately i've been able to dream lucidly almost every night. so last night i decided why not get high in my dream? In my dream i proceeded to hit my vaporizer several times. the result: incredible. the high i felt in my dream was like a regular high except magnified incredibly. it was awesome.

    anyone else experienced anything like this before?
  2. I don't remember more then a few seconds out of each dream but I spent two weeks recording it for some AP class back when I was 16 and 90% of it was about bud.. Needless to say I ended up making it all up
  3. i dont dream lucidly very often but when i do its usually some crazy sex fantasy or me being a superstar for the browns and leading them to a super bowl lol
  4. I've also had dreams in which i've hit the bong a few times and felt nicely high, although not any more high than I would usually feel.

    When I awoke sober and tired, I was not happy. :D
  5. Hell yeah dude. I've actually rolled in my dream one time, it was weird as hell.. but AWESOME ha
  6. This happens to me when im not even lucid! I wake up thinking i have to hide it from my perents and then laugh when i realize it was just a dream!
  7. I had a dream my mom was packing me a bowl . But the bowl was a giant pot you boil noodles in . I have never seen that much weed in one time before holy shitt. I was like yeah dude moms packin my bowls . Then I woke up and told her about it , haha
  8. i smoke blunts in my dreams lol.
  9. I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I'm blazing are the best I've ever I scored a 4 on my ap psyche test
  10. ive been lucid dreaming for like 2 years and i NEVER thought of that. haha thanks bro. ill let you know how it goes. zZZ
  11. I had a dream this morning that I bought a pound of dank and some seeds at Mcdonalds, lol. Weird as hell.
  12. i have got high in a dream before, smoked a joint and i could actually feel it. also smoked salvia in a dream scariest dream ever since i was like a lil kid.....

  13. yeah definitely let me know.

    so its cool to hear you guys have gotten blazed in your dreams too. But can anybody describe me what your high was like?

    what i remember distinctively is my heat compressing and inflating repeatedly. and having an incredible sensation that i could figure out anything in the world with my brain alone. dreaming is so fuckin awesome.
  14. I'm going to revive this thread since I had a similar experience, I don't remember much of it though. Some point during my dream, I hit my mini blue bong a few times and had a crazy high, the feeling was so accurate and so real! If I ever learn to lucid dream, you bet I'm gonna smoke blunts all night long. :D
  15. Dude I didn't even lucid dream and I did that. It was crazy. I've done it about 5 times. Each time crazy shit happens.

    1: I was smoking with Krayzie Bone (from BTNH) in the ghetto, walked down the street and behind some bushes and we were at the ocean and we chilled and smoked j's and blunts until some spearfisher cop (yes, it was a cop) surfaced from the water. He took a look at Krayzie, cocked his spear back, and threw it. That bitch killed Krayzie Bone. Then without a word he went underwater and vanished. I swam to another island and chilled there til I woke up.

    2: I was walking outside my house and some unmentionables had grown in my yard and I was just picking them and eating them and was doing that until I saw the cops come down my street and I ran in the house and then woke up haha.

    3: I was at some island paradise and there was just a bowl of unmentionable tabs. A fucking bowl of them. So I took a few and went out into the paradise. Woke up before I really started feeling it. Maybe this was because at this time I had never actually DONE this unmentionable?

    4: I snuck into Bank Atlantic with my friend while it was empty and smoked it out there. We were chillin, and then suddenly he pulled out an unmentionable. I hit this unmentionable and whoooooo.... man I felt that. The weird part is I had not done this unmentionable ever at this time either.

    I still have random dreams where I do random sketchy shit bugged. Like 3 days ago, I had a dream I snuck into some high-security area. Idk why or what it was, but I didn't get too far until security was alerted. I had to James Bond that shit outta there.

    And this is one of my weirdest dreams. Once I was in a rich neighborhood with a golf course (I hate golf, so its kinda weird that I was there, and I had never been in tht neighborhood ever). Not so weird right? Everything's normal huh? No. We had to run from a group of T Rex's into this big abandoned mansion to hide from them. For whatever reason I went out later and ran into one of them and had to hide behind some bushes and run my ass off to get away from it. No this was not after a Jurassic Park movie.

    This makes me feel like Lewis Carroll haha
  16. Ya that has happens to me except I was hurt really bad so they stuck me with morphine, I think it's the placebo effect like they used to do with morphine in the army your body thinks its high so it acts like it is by releasing endorphins and such
  17. This happens to me when i stop smoking for a while. Kinda pissed when i woke up because i thought i really smoked and i was tryin to find a new job.

  18. Lol i had the same dream o_O i was ripping the shit out of a bong in one of my dreams.
  19. Almost all of my dreams latley have involved weed or just drugs and stuff in general but it's not a lucid dream so I don't realize I'm dreaming, I wish I could lucid dream
  20. I've been dreaming about pot but I don't dream lucidly. Damn I wish I could smoke.

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