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Getting high in a group vs. Getting alone

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by StickyGanja, May 9, 2008.

  1. Personally I prefer to smoke alone because for some reason I always get a better high when I'm by myself and it saves weed.
  2. it all depends on the people who you smoke with. some times i would rather smoke alone and just chill. but some of the people i smoke with can be extremely funny to be around when high, in which case groups are better.
  3. I'm in between. I love getting high by myself because I get to listen whatever I want and just have me time, but nothing beats getting high with a bunch of good friends and laughinhg and talking for hours
  4. preferably with 1-4 people. I like smoking by myself cause when I'm getting high, it's usually cause I don't feel like dealing with anything (or anyone), so it kinda makes sense.
  5. Both have their advantages, obviously you get way higher way quicker when your by yourself cuz you just got a whole bowl to yourself. But getting high with friends is what i do most the time cuz if i dont i just feel like i isolate myself
  6. and black hell yeah more than 4 people and things just get way too confusing and it just doesnt work as well
  7. oo thats a tough one... i really like smoking w/ friends dont get me wrong, weed is a social thing and is great in groups... however i really do enjoy smoking by myself, its nice to get to just relax and enjoy a high by yourself gives you some good time to think about life and shit
  8. yeah if its with more than like 4 people then some of those people are probably just trying to jump in on a circle and then your just wasting your weed but if your with a few friends and you meet up with some other people who are already high/not high it can be a good time
  9. higher by yoself, but not as fun.

    i mean i guess the benefits to smoking alone is that you conserve, not risk of stingers...but FUCK THAT BULLSHIT

    you should NOT smoke weed if all you wanna do is get high on your own supply by yourself. the ganja is meant to be passed around and shared so that all may feel a sense of wellbeing

    i learnt that from the best dealer i ever knew when i asked him (on a bowl of his weed he was loading that he handed to me) if he wanted green hit (i was an ignorant kid). i got like this 30 min lecture (columbians....haha).

    just dont be a stinge i hate it when i go to a party. people i dont know. and they wont let me hit the dank. im like man i would have smoked you out 2 blunts forcefully if i had brought my bud.

    nothin wrong with the personal bleezy though..
  10. I like getting high with other people because it's funny as hell and I love talking about crazy stuff when we are high. But I also like to get high alone when I have nobody to smoke with. It's relaxing and just chill.
  11. i like smoking in groups, but if you're the only one with the bud...it can leave you feeling a bit empty-handed
  12. It depends on if you mean getting high by yourself, or getting high by yourself with a group, or getting high while the group is getting high.

    Cause sometimes I don't smoke them up :)

    But each has its advantages, I do whatever is clever at the moment. Theres no one around right now so I just blazed by myself, but if there was something to do I would't not blaze cause I'm with people so I can just blaze by myself.
  13. I like blazing by myself most of the time for a few reasons.

    It saves a lot of weed. You can reach your desired high and simply stop smoking and not ruin rotations or whatever. You know what I mean.

    There's nothing better than taking a hike out in the woods, smoking an overflowing bowl, and getting to know yourself.

    I agree that cannabis should also be enjoyed as a group, but for me, more than 3 people ruins the whole experience of just chillin and having some deep introspecting conversations with a couple of close buddies. :smoking:
  14. yeah and there are always the people you hang out with when all they wanna do is blaze and you cant talk about shit cuz they cant just chill and enjoy then convorsation... 4 people including yourself is the PERFECT NUMBER with really really good buddies...thats that
  15. I love getting high with others, but some of my good friends can really be annoying as shit when their stoned, and I do have had some GREAT trips alone. It really can go either way.
  16. smoking with friends is more fun, but smoking by yourself is more introspective
  17. Yea man. Weed has the tendency to either make someone chill and enjoyable or completely and utterly annoying almost to the point where I want to tell the person to STFU haha. Oh yeah. Its happened a few times... Solved the problem though :)
  18. i love to smoke by myself and chill... like just sittin in my car listenin to music blowin some good...

    But smoking with my friends is always fun cuase we can talk and laugh at old times...
  19. Both are great. I can't choose just one because they are both good in their own ways and much different than the other.
  20. Depends on the strain. If it gives me a brain high and makes me all analytical, I excuse myself from the group and just spend the time on my own. Music, movies, writing.

    if its stuff that just makes you float out and not care, hell yeah I love being with people. Especially with chicks, my game becomes 10 fold better where it isn't bad at all sober anyway. Pulled a 3some the first time i smoked headies that made me not care about shit.

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