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Getting high for the second time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skillsforilz, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I've only been high once, which was a little over a month. I've smoked pot three times, but that third time really hit me. But I bought a G from one of my friends and my Mom is always working on Thursdays decently late. So like, I want to know if like, when my Mom calls to check up on me, will I be able to talk at least sort of normal, like to say, "Yeah, okay, See ya" or something similar? If I can't, then I more thank likely will wait till Friday. Thanks for your help.
  2. It depends on how much you smoke but if your worried about your mom calling, how about you call your mom right before you blaze? So she has no reason to call you.
  3. You always talk normal, you'll probably just sound way more tired than usual to her. Say, hey you just woke me up or something, you don't have to say much, just say yeah i'm fine, just sleeping, okay bye mom. Your fine. She won't notice if you can handle your shit. :smoke:
  4. Thats what I used to do before I smoked or went to a party haha. Always worked. :cool:
  5. Well I always call my Mom first but when she's gone for a few hours, she calls me every hour to an hour and a half.

  6. Yeah, I guess my first time, my main problem was laughing too much. But I might be more chill this time. I really don't know what to expect since I'm still new to this. But I guess I'll give it a go.
  7. You'll be fine. Just don't do anything to make yourself sound suspicious, like laughing like an idiot, or talking about random things to her.
  8. my second time was hella better but i think it was the worst too cause i couldn't get up and i kept gigling and i remember i was hella confused lol i asked my friend for hand cream and she gave me her lip gloss and i started using it cause i thought i was hand cream and my hands got all sticky, my voice sounds hella weaker too right after i smoke but i dont know if that happens to anyone else

  9. I'll try not to laugh. I mean, when I really need to not laugh, I can stop. I never really had that bad of speech. Just lots of laughter.
  10. You'll be fine. Just handle your shit and talk normal. And when yer talking to her, focus on talking to her and not spacing out. The worst is her saying something and there being a long pause because you space out. That would be the most suspicious thing over the phone.

  11. Hahahah same here bruh bruh, never failed :D

  12. Get as high as you can while you can. Thats my advice for novices.

    That and to ride the experience out and don't be a pussy.

    Aside from that talking to your mom should be pretty easy in comparison to being drunk.
  13. If your in the midst of a panic attack because your so scared of getting caught, you definitely won't sound normal lol. You'll have a shaky little bitch voice. Just relaxxx and then when your mom calls, you'll just talk to her like normal. Try not to forget what your saying halfway through your sentence.
  14. Here's the trick...

    If you think to yourself that you can do it, then you can do it. Trust me. Doing things high are ALMOST as easy as doing them sober. You've just got to learn how to do it.

    I've never had a problem with talking when I was high. You don't slur, and you don't suddenly stop talking.

    But they invented this thing, called the END button. So if you're on the phone and you feel yourself fucking shit up, HANGUP! Regain yourself and call back. "Woops, the call got dropped"

    You'll be good though, don't even worry over it.
  15. Na it's easy to talk to people especially if they can't see you while high you'll be fine

  16. I'm blazed for my second time right now. I feel amazing. My eyes aren't red and I can talk normally this time, and not laughing like an idiot.
  17. Put some head phones in and BUMP some music. Feels good man. Trust me :cool:
  18. Just don't smoke too much, maybe like just a bowl.

    Also, your mother calls to check up on you? Either you're underage, or you have the most overprotective mother ever o_O

  19. LOL I love that sentence. This actually reminds me of the second time I smoked, but it was the first time I actually got high. My friend brought over some stuff that was supposed to be really good, and we shared about a gram or so over two bowls. After the second one I just kept laughing every time i looked over at him because I swear he looked like a damn alien. Every time I saw his face it was like an alien version of him, and of course it was hilarious. Then I watched Ghostbusters and Bill Murray kept talking in slow motion, great high. I posted this in the other thread too :p
  20. Whenever I get stoned and look at my cats, I'm shocked at how adorable they are.

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