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Getting high for somebody?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tropical Goo, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Anybody ever done this?
    Me and my homie since birth got really close to this kid who killed himself, and everytime we hung out with him he got us stoned out of our minds (we smoked reg only at the time, high school, and he smoked dank only). So we were gonna go buy 4.5gs of some dank and just go blow it all down by where we all used to chill at. Anyone ever do this?
  2. In memory of [INSERT]
  3. yea, one of my smoking buddies nearly died recently. I had a bowl in his memory. I'm sorry for your loss though
  4. Im sorry for your loss bro.

    I cant imagine if my close friend died..
  5. When I was younger my best friend killed himself. My parents let him live at our house because his father was very physically abusive. We spent many nights chillin in the basement smokin hash weed and oil and took many flights with LUCY.

    Every year I go to his grave, burn a fat one and chill to our fave tunes.

    Still miss that guy.
  6. Yea man.. My dad died. We would smoke together so when he died we got him cremated and I sprinkled a little bit of ash on one of my plants. Every time I smoke bud off that plant its like I'm smoking with him. =)
  7. what coincidence im getting high today for a friend's bday ... lola ctually it was on facebook n i had like nothing to say, so i said instead of gettin ua present i will dedicate this session in your name. she liked it!
  8. Such a nice way to remember him. You should try to save a small jar of that harvest, tucked way forever.
  9. I'm sorry for your loss but I watched a movie where they smoke their dead friends ashes :)
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  11. Write his name on the blunt/joint. etc.
  12. Same thing as libation I guess, only with cannabis?

    Either way its just a nice symbolic gesture for the dead.

  13. Not a good idea to smoke ink/graphite.

    I have a buddy who killed himself two years ago.

    We spark a bowl every anniversary. I miss that kid.

  14. How High is a good movie
  15. Shit, sad thread. I haven't lost any smoking friends so luckily it's not something I've had a chance to do
  16. I smoke at my brother grave all the time just cuz I got him to start smokin again so I feel as if I should still smoke my big bro up
  17. In my freshmen year of college, the last day of Thanksgiving break, I was going back to college and my roommate texted me that he was leaving and he just went to the dorm to get his stuff, he really got me into weed and I got really high that night for him.
  18. Sorry for your loss man..

    You should by a pipe or a bong and name it after him :smoke:
  19. First of all, hell yes Led Zeppelin <3
    Second of all, I feel ya. That's where we're going second. First to the chill spot for some bong rips because of old times, than smoke a blunt at his grave because thats what he did. And we're gonna try to freestyle high. He always thought that he was the best freestyler hahaha, he's white and had no good rhymes but we encouraged him :p
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    I'm going to make my own strain of weed and make it GDB lol my brothers name is Garen David Bindi lol I thought it was a fire idea lol

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