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Getting high for first time alone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jokerlol, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. I've been lurking on here lately and decided to join to ask some of you more experienced people. I've recently tried marijuana for the first time with a few friends. The first time the 2 people seemed to be affected much quicker than me (we had a total of 5 spliffs between 3), in the end I felt like I was sinking into my chair and quite comfortable but none of the happy giggly stuff - I think I wasn't inhaling right as I've never smoked anything before. We smoked together again once, but only 1 spliff between 2 and I felt nothing at all.
    Anyway, I've got some stuff at my place and was considering trying it alone. The friends aren't very close and I'm not very comfortable with them. I've heard of people getting really paranoid though/being so out of it that they hurt themselves, and I really don't want this. So what do you guys think? Is it safe for me to do it alone?

  2. You'll be fine. My First time i smoked alone and it was some good white widow.

    Just stay positive and find something to preoccupy your mind with. I find if I just sit around Quietly I start to get paranoid. Play some video games, watch some tv or lay down and listen to musicz like mee.
  3. It affects everyone in a different way, just because someone smoked the first alone and they had a good high doesnt mean you can smoke alone and get a good high aswell.
    So my suggestion to you will be for you to find someone that is a very experience smoker (who has smoked a couple times) who you feel comfortable around and smoke with them, im just saying you do not want to get too high and cant handle the high and be alone by yourself, It might make you never want to smoke again.
    Now if you decide to smoke by yourself, then by all means take it easy and do not go all crazy with your hits, take 1 or 2 small hits to start of and wait a few minutes to see how you feel, if you think you can handle more after 1 or 2 little hits then take another 2 hits and wait a few minutes again, keep doing that until you achieve the high you think is good for you.
    So what ever you decide to do I hope you have a good time!
    let us know how things go.
  4. move at your own pace...

    you will be fine
    Thanks for your advice, the issue is that I really don't have anyone like that - ie someone who smokes who I feel comfortable around. The only people I know who smoke are the people who I smoked with, one of whom is a friend (but we're not that close) and the other is someone I've met like twice. So it's really either with them or alone.
    Yeah, that's my concern, having a bad high and freaking out. Any ideas how likely that is and how to prevent it? 
    And if I'm smoking from a a spliff can I just put it out after taking 2 hits or so?
  6. I think you should buy a pipe, or go on YouTube and learn how to make a pipe from an apple.

    Then you can easily take one hit at a time, wait and see how you feel before taking the next. Good luck.
  7. Nothing bad will happen unless you decided to trip yourself out and overthink things you shouldn't be :)
    for rolling blunts joints smoke a bit cause they like to creep up on you and you may not wanna go overboard and for pipes and bongs and stuff pack little bowls you can kill in one hit so you don't end up blasted taking huge rips you didn't want
    and youll be good to go and will see you on cloud 9 server 7 by the white castle fountain lol 
    Are pipes easy to use? I've at least seen a joint rolled (though failed when I tried to light it, gonna have to work on that) but have no idea about pipes.
  9. you're bringing back memories with the apple... good shit. I should do that soon for nostalgia.

    Haha, how am I supposed to not trip myself out?!
    Okay, it'll probably be a blunt and I'll try taking just a few hits and waiting like 10 mins, is 10 mins long enough?
    Haha, this is getting me excited!
  11. pipes are very easy to use and most people here would probably recommend it over a blunt if you're a new smoker trying not to get anxiety when you smoke.

    blunts and joints are harder to put out. blunt wraps have tobacco which can change the effect. you can search YouTube for things like packing a bowl in a pipe.

    it took me a long time to learn how to roll a good joint when I started and it was frustrating.

    Whatever you choose you'll be alright.
  12. If you want to learn how to roll a joint Google how to roll a joint with a card sorry I can't remember what the technique is called. Have fun and follow the advice above as far as moderating your hits.

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  13. Thanks, so you think it'll be fine to be alone?
  14. Here's some advice I give to an inexperience smoker. If you're finding it hard to inhale, suck the smoke into your mouth and then inhale it into your lungs. Doesn't work with bongs though as there's no way to not just straight inhale it. You're much less likely to cough this way.
  15. it's 100x easier to be careless and happy and when you're around people you're comfortable with while high
  16. You'll be good dude just be getting on them baby tokes to start with! Get some good tunes and munch sorted and you'll have a sweet night on the go!
  17. You might not get high the frst few tims yu toke up, BUT, you eventually will...forever and ever after that, take it slow...take a good, deep inhale, hold it..cough your ass off and wait 10 minutes...if still nothing, then try again...the only real concern is you toke too mch, get REAL high and panic...but even then, you have to rememer, its non toxic, will pass quickly and then you are left with a relly good, go slow...deeply inhale...cough, lol...and enjoy...and by the way...EVERYONE gets paranoid a little...its just your brian lighting up in ways it can't without the thc...its normal....listen to some jams...get into your fav game..youll be fine.
  18. I get that, but my only options atm are people who
    I'm not comfortable with or alone.
  19. so smoke alone, put lifting bump on and watch something funny or take a nature walk
  20. I remember someone saying something like this on GC, and it really resonated with me:
    "Light a few candles, turn off the lamp and watch a good movie."
    Just do what you'd do to entertain yourself when you're not baked. 

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