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getting high...except for 1

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slurms McKenzie, May 12, 2011.

  1. so my friend i believe is homosexual is with us today and me...him....and a 3rd person smoked a few bowl....maybe .4 of DANK but the problem is that one homosexual friend doesnt ever feel it...
    Now riddle me this grasscity, why is he a pussy who cant hang?
  2. what...? lol.

    I don't understand how he doesn't feel it but he can't hang at the same time.
  3. he probably doesn't know how to inhale
    and you probably shouldn't be so negative just because the dude is gay
  4. You didn't know that homosexuals have DNA that is altered that doesn't allow thc receptors to be developed. Or maybe he's lacing the weed and you all black out without knowing while he pleases you subconsciously.
  5. Its because you secretly have a crush on him
  6. hope it's sarcasm or a troll
  7. hey fuck you!!!!!!!
    these are real world problems...........:smoke:
  8. ... I don't understand the question here?
    Why can't gays smoke weed?
    Or why can't he smoke weed?
    I guess both have the same answer though, he's not inhaling.
  9. Maybe you can teach him how to inhale through the act of oral sex wink wink
  10. This is honestly one of the most convoluted questions I have ever read on the fourms. BTW what does some ones sexual orientation have to do with their ability to get high. The only reason i asked is becuase you stated that he was a "homosexual" quite a few times.
  11. So he likes men because he doesnt get high off a .4 of weed between 3 people?

  12. Yeah, he probably only knows how to swallow..

    What a fag..

  13. #13 Speedymotor, May 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016

  14. +rep for being the first person on this forum to actually make me laugh out loud.
  15. Yeah, tell him to INHALE and HOLD.

    Smoking with people who are blatantly homosexual would make me trip the fuck out. I wouldn't be able to stand their faggy, annoying voices talking about how hot guys look. If you're gay and are normal that's not a problem, but damn I hate those flamboyant gay guys who have to be so fucking proud of it. Do you see me running around going "straight pride?" No it's not that big of a deal I keep it to myself. If you're gay act normal not like a fucking freak of nature.
  16. For real. Oh and also I think the OP is saying the dudes homo cuz he doesnt know how to hit right, not that he actually likes men. Hence his overuse of the word "homosexual" in describing the dude who can't get high
  17. Dude, if his buddy is gay of course he knows how to inhale :hello:

    in all seroiusness, ask him if he's toked before. If he said he's done it more than 6 times I'd be concerned that he isn't inhaling properly.

    if you really wanna make your friend blown, rig up a bong. Bong rips to the dome always fuck up noobs. God I love bong rips.
  18. but homo is when people like the same gender, not when sombody doesn't know how to smoke weed.
  19. I think he's literally saying the kid is gay, he's not trying to make fun of him cause he can't smoke. I think the guy is really gay and he just doesn't know how to smoke right.
  20. It's because he wants to get kinky and whip your ass.

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