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Getting high due to excersising.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by edd.excessive, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. #1 edd.excessive, Jun 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, 2009
    When i first started smoking a gained a shit ton of weight, it was partially due to the munchies from me smoking very heavily and also feeling deppressed and comfort eating. Ive managed to put those days behind me and im a super chillled and happy person. At my peak weight i was 107kg (im 6ft2in btw). recently ive been cycling around 4 miles a day and im know down to 67kg which is 30kg lost :D ive been on a tbreak for a while (due to exams) and i cant help noticing when i go cycling that i get high as fuck. its awesome and what a incentive! Its probbaly due to thc being stored in fat cells and me burning them off it awesome.any one else get this?cliffs: gained a load of weight while smoking heavy then lost 30kg recently from cycling, getting high as fuck when excersising.
  2. thats pretty sweet man

    i wish that could happen to me but my metabolism rapes any effort of mine to gain weight :/
  3. your not getting high. well i shouldnt say that. when a person exercises it releases endorphins into your system. your just feeling really good from exercising and getting rid all that fat. good for you man. munchies always get me too, but i usually exercise 5 times a week.
  4. thanks man. I definatly feel damn high though my eyes get red and droopy and i just want to watch cartoons lol. I also get that stoned frame of mind where random shit is really intresting and i can just stare of into space, you know?
  5. well from my usual experiences since youre burning fat - WHICH IS WHERE THC IS STORED i suppose smoking after would rejuvenate your body stash
  6. Lol when you're dry you just have to do some situps.
  7. this. it's called a "runner's high" for a reason:D
  8. 107-67=40kg. congrats on losing the weight.
  9. I used to go to a gym after a wake a bake and it always seem to increase my high, could be wrong though.

    and hi guys I'm new btw :p
  10. THC is not stored in fat cells, the remnants of cannabinoids that are stored, they do not get you high as they are not psychoactive chemicals, as they are burned with the fat.

  11. Untrue. THC is in fact stored in your fat cells. While you're not getting full blown baked, you feel some of the effects of the THC when you burn the fat while exercising.

  12. welcome to GC blade enjoy its a chill place :wave:
  13. I used to have that shit going on.
    I would have days full of smoking and then not eating, and I would have a permanent body high.
  14. sweet deal im gunna start exercising
  15. you just got one stoner off of the couch and onto a treadmill.

    :hello:*starts slow clap*:hello:
  16. metabolized thc is stored in fat, including a lil tetra-9-hydrocanabinol, which if fat cells shrink (they never die) they release said thc9 into blood, which goes to brain, which will get you high if u have enought conentrations in your fat.
  17. i call shenanigans. study? any chemistry or anatomy study that would prove this?
  18. Wow congrats on the weight loss. Although I think you may just be a bit scrawny now (I'm only 5' 6.5" and am 160 lbs [72.5 kg]) but seriously, to loose so much weight is nothing short of amazing.

    On the note of your endorphin high, all I can say is that I wish I had something like that. I'd be able to stay consistent with my lifting and running and get to my goal weight of 175-180 lbs.

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