getting high before a "rave"

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    my highschool is having a blacklight dance tomorow. normally, i would get drunk beforehand ("liquid courage", much more sociable) but the guy who i buy it from got his ass suspended for fighting, and i dont have acess to a vehicle. instead, ill be hanging out with a girl and her boyfriend, the three of us never really considering hanging out until we found out the other tokes.

    so whats it like going clubbing high? have you guys gotten tired or shy? i personally have about half a gram of sleepy body high mids and half a gram of headies. im not sure if the other two intend on sharing (or even smoking) a lot themselves, and i got baked off my ass last saturday (bringing my tollerance up) so im not sure how high i will even be. at the very least the strobe lights will be pretty trippy, right? :smoking: :metal:

    edit: read the whole convo, i know weed doesnt make you trip

  2. Nothing gets trippy and y would u ask how it would be it's like asking how it is when your high...
  3. Get some ecstasy, not weed dude.
  4. you know what i mean, you dont actually trip but you percieve stuff differently. i ask because ive only been high alone or in one on one deals, not a big social setting
  5. Tolerance won't go up much at all if you smoke once a weekend
    Do it, better than going sober
  6. Highschool...rave...

    does not compute
  7. oh im deffinetly going to do it
    i was just wondering what to expect
  8. thats why i put "rave" in quotes
  9. I dont know bring a gun because if you start getting fearked out by all the people around you when in doubt unload on them
  10. it will be like being high, at a rave.

    seriously though, if you get paranoid around strangers when high, you might not want to get too high. if you have low tolerance, the light shows might look a bit trippy, but dont expect shroom-like visuals. if you wanna make the light shows more interesting, dxm will do the trick if youre into it.
  11. I don't know about a rave situation, but I've been really high at a club before and it was fun as hell. Just moving to the music, perceiving everyone, observing my surroundings. I felt like I was at an ancient mating ritual in Africa. Like, man...shit's so cash.
  12. I would suggest x but not if it's a high school dance.

  13. LOL i feel that ^^ thats all it is, basic animal instinct. show off, pick a mate, mating dance, mate, repeat.
  14. word is some people will be doing it for the first time there, theyll be dropping like flies from overheating

  15. QFT :metal:

    But srsly i wouldnt roll if i was in highschool unless that shit is crowded
  16. nah. if that was the case, a lot of people i know of would have 'dropped' a long time ago. sure its important to stay hydrated and take breaks, but youre likely not to overheat.
  17. i'd do it

    then again i'd line up about 4 to 6 good pillz before hand and pop most, save the rest for later
  18. pop a thizzle. or half a thizzle. way better

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