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Getting High at a theme park? Yes/No?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by eddymeow, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hey, so me and my friend are bouta go to Kings Dominion soon, and we want to get super high before we go on rides. He heard a rumor saying that the adrenaline from the roller coasters gets rid of the high immeditely? I was just wondering if thats tru.

  2. He is probably right to some extent, for that short drop or loop u will probably not feel high, but once u get off that ride your high will start coming back.
  3. Yes fun as fuck . Make firecrackers and you will be good. I went to there a week ago and did this
  4. you could make firecrackers or some better edibles. just don't take bud into the amusement park, it might get taken away.
  5. thanks for the fast response, as long as the high doesnt go away completely its fine
  6. Negative. Last time i went we smoked up with a security guard who chopped us some nice purp kush. So high i lacked out. Twice lol
  7. i did this last week, its was fun once i built up the stoner confidence to get on the roller coaster haha
  8. Went to six flags with firecrackers, it was amazing.
  9. Nice rep of mflb love that little jaunt :hello:
  10. Depends on your tolerance and how long your high lasts. But most likely the adrenaline would overcome the high feeling. Unless you were super fuckin relaxed. Lol.
  11. I would be carefull sneaking bud into a theme park let alone smoking around families, that adrenaline rush might just be more then ridin a ride. Kinda like ditchin school or smoking on school grounds was always an adrenaline rush.

  12. we made edibles haha we respect others and their thoughts.
  13. I dont respect their thoughts, just my freedom. I hate people who hate on weed, it's just ignorant.

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