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Getting high and playing hack

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Floydian, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Hey, how many people out there like to get high and play hackysack? Me and my friend just got ripped and played about a 2 hour game of 3 hit... it was intense.. only 3 games in it too.
  2. hah i saw a thread about this a couple weeks back.

    aw hell who cares the thread was from 05 or somethin.

    hackysack is jus so chill with like two-three other stoned friends. big big groups man they always just made me mad because everyone is jus starts to try and show off plus i hate big groups anyways.

    i wish i had a hackysack of my very own so i could jus do it in my room. just to be a little more active. it'd be a lot better than just sitting there all the time like i do haha

    i had a jar full of seeds that i was going to fill a hackysack with, but it got stolen :(
  3. haha if I played hacky-sack I would try and incorporate smoking (with a joint or blunt, otherwise it'd be real challenging hitting a pipe/bong while playing hacky-sack)
  4. i love playing 3 and out.

    especially in small groups. big groups tend to drop hacks a lot.
  5. Hell yeah. My circle always plays a little hack about an hour or so after the session. None of us are too great, but I think it is more fun that way.
  6. hack is definitely one of the greatest things to do when stoned. i met a friend of a friend of mine that could do some fancy trickery, and we all played a fun game for sure.
  7. ayo man you should try rushan rulet whenyou are blazed out man, dat shitis bomb mayne
  8. damn i still need to get one!!! i keep forgetting. i dont know why that would happen..... :devious:

  9. hahaha man gangbanger i don't think you play that game frequently enough
  10. :laughing: for real, go play right now "mayne"
  11. can sum1 please explain wtf is hacky sack lol never heard of it???
  12. Its a little bean bag you kick around in a circle of friends, it is mad fun and I have not played for like 2 years at least, I have to get my sack back out. Good tymes for sure. JOE>

    P.S. I said sack...... HAHA!
  13. I can't really do hackysack very well but me and my friends do something similar, its called Myachi.

  14. hahahaha myachis are ill too. i love the hack and fuckin own at myachi too.
  15. you gotta be able to stand up to play hacksack right?

    then that cancels me out
  16. Man, I had to post on this shit. Hack used to be my life in highschool. Every morning before class, every lunch, and most days after, smoke a jay, and play hack. Those were the days bro, haha.
  17. i play hackysack with my friend high almost on a daily basis. it's my favorite sport. what do you guys prepfer, beans or sand? preferrably i like beans.
  18. Hell yea for stoned hack. I play better stoned. It feels like it's in slow-mo.
  19. I finally got one! i made a special trip to the mall to get one cause i knew that there would be one there. I brought my bag of like 30 MJ seeds there and placed them all over the mall haha. i put them on counters and stuff in random stores in places where people will obviously see them and look at it. I even put one in the dirt next to a potted plant that was getting natural sun...that should be interested. I went into Spencer's gifts and put one in an insense burner that had marijuana leaves on it and stuff. Anyways I got home and I realized that I suck at hacky sack. So much for that.
  20. thats so weird to think that there is so much entertainment from kicking a ball back and forth for hours, to someone who hasnt played it would sound horribly boring

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