Getting high and going to the neighbors . . .

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  1. My neighbor is 86, his wife a bit younger, and myself and another musician are going there Saturday to play some tunes for them. There will also be another couple there.
    I will be going high (so I don't get nervous) and am the only one of the group who indulges. Do you think anyone will notice?
    They're serving shrimp, beer, and probably wine. I was there a year or so ago on a Saturday afternoon, just by myself bullshitting with them, they kept pouring the wine and I staggered out of there a few hours later. Good thing we live on a dirt road, and I'm only a half mile away. :)

  2. Well all depends on how high you get lol. If you go in all red eyed and can be blindfolded with dental floss I think they would know :smoking: I would get a nice high and then switch to the drinks.
    No, I'll just do enough canna oil so I can immerse myself in the guitar and not get nervous. Twenty-thirty  years ago I played out all the time and it didn't bother me, but I'm not used to doing that anymore so I need a crutch. :(
  4. sounds like a great time! im 29 and i LOVE old people! they've always got some stories. 
  5. Pssh your neighbor was around before cannabis was even federally illegal 
    Yup they are great folks, full of stories, and their minds are still as sharp as a tack.
    Yes, just barely. He was born in 1928 and I think they made it illegal in '30 . . . ? :confused: Too lzy to Google. Even to lzy to type "lazy." Oops.
  8. And you're not even going to invite us?
    LOL, ain't up to me but if it was -- sure!
  10. If you can control your behaviour well, then all you have to worry about is the smell and your eyes.
    Doing an edible, and I wear glasses with a tint. :D
  12. Then no worries.
  13. @Fizzly...
    Have you ever approached the subject of getting high with them/him?
  14. Well, we had a great time. Although I wanted to play first, we didn't -- we ate first. My edible high was peaking when we were pigging out, but it all turned out good anyway. By the time we played I'd had wine and two beers in by then.
    They want us to come back -- often. I guess that's a good sign. :D
    No, but I have thought about it. They are very liberal socially so one never knows. But I don't think it would be a good idea.
  16. Never know man, they sound like they just want to enjoy their golden years, and cannabis is always helpful with enjoyment of downtime

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    I really don't think they do, and the risk of ruining our great friendship by bringing the subject up isn't worth it.
  18. What if they were getting high before you came and they just wanted to hear some live music while they were ripped..?
    The chances of that are about as close to zero as you can get.

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