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Getting high after the dentist?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thatbluecheese, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Hey
    I just got 3 fillings put in, 2 silver fillings in my top back teeth, and one in the top of my front tooth which is a white filling. So can barely feel my face right now and have been told not to eat for a couple of hours and not hard food for a couple of days.
    I was just wondering if, when I can feel my lips again, I could smoke a joint?
    Just wondering if anesthetic and weed would clash somehow?

  2. I smoke after having a root canal a few years back and got a dry socket. Look them up... It was a very painful experience.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'd say wait just to be safe..
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    If you don't have a power hitter wait until the Doc said you could eat hard food. You want to let the fillings set and the vacuum created by hitting a joint/pipe/bong/bubbler can cause them to loosen before setting up.
    I guess you could use a g-bong as you just inhale, like a power hitter.
  5. if the doctor told you not to smoke cigs, then i would wait.
    if that was never brought up, then you should be fine...
  6. Really small tokes if you do, and don't hold it.....You don't want to cough, and you don'tt want raise your blood pressure. I vaped right after my wisdom teeth....But I don't take pain killers. That shit is poison!
    The fuckin' bitch it is...Fuck dry socket. :cool:
  8. nah your all good I got my wisdom teeth out by my neighbor told me I could smoke but don't rip it hard  just little puffs. and for the pills and weed if your feeling really high from the pills then I wouldn't smoke but if your not then id say do it.
  9. Well they dont seem to be damaged / hurting.
    Guess the answer is yes then.. I waited like 3 and a half hours before smoking up though.
    Thanks for the comments!
  10. Got two teeth pulled an I walked right out the door an lit a cig dentist said not to but I did an I smoked a blunt I was fine

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