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getting grounded for eating all the marshmellows out of the cereal

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. its like eatin all the peanut butter chunks outta the peanut butter ripple icecream. why not freeze a jar of peanut butter? you know why...heading into hour 59..

    drool has become a sublte mere side effect. the drool factor. if thats the part of the brain that shuts down first, I may be in good shape. I could head strong into a 72 hour shift. if your gonna do something, do it right. Ill bring a hankey. I think i may have pinpointed a problem, besides the fact that I probably wasnt read to enough when I was little, ive been pondeing the effects of that possum that wedged a nest under my crib not looking to blame, point fingers, or infer my foster parents are ex-convits..those would be intentions as if to say I had the same intentions of sleep. silly isnt it.
    im impressed with the fact I havent literally driven myself in loops right about now. not that I ever thought that I could when I wasnt in fact giving myself a break from myself..but you dont really think of it when its on the side that isnt thought of as much as if you flipped the situation around and actually dealt with actaully having to think about it

    I feel like im stuck in a DJ shadow mix. a neverending soft techno beat. I suppose it would be better though if what I actually heard wasnt just a low hissy radio static, with blurbs of voice trying to seep through the haze..its easier not to fight it, dont try and listen for an actual word, it doesnt matter, just accept the fact that your radio isnt tuned. background anything isnt always pleasant. take that guy in the back of all your family's vacation pictures...these things happen.

    a countdown to a blastoff would be neat. in theory it wouldnt work, a countdown is anticipating something to happen, take new years for example..theres a method, 3-2-1, and thats it, it happens! we all throw down our cigarettes, running for the line to sign up for that new gym membership. but here, the countdown would be chaotic, 3,2,1...0...-1,-2..-3? people just wouldnt except that. its like freezing peanut butter.
  2. 4, 9, 47, BOOM!
  3. Sensi, I think you have been talking to Norman so much that your rants are starting to sound like his. :)
  4. smoking a bowl so he can contribute
  5. ookely dokely...

    the fly is on the leg, the fly is on the leg..

    ok, think about it this can you count down to something...when you dont know WHEN its going to happen...much less, even if it IS going to happen or NOT! must be important

    ok..heres my contribution..the weed has taken affect..*cough..cough*...*cough*..couch..HAHA..snuck that one in ther..:p

    wow...i underestimated head just got torn OyFFF
    HAHA! snuck that one in there too...why dont you just freeze the peanut butter huh?

    because it wouldnt be the same, there wouldnt be the rebellion factor..the evil factor, the simple fact that it just wouldnt taste the same probably factors in as well...
    but which would be more satisfying, not only to your tastebuds, but to your human nature....a big ol spoonful of frozen peanut butter out of the jar...or a couple nugs of frozen peanut butter that you searched for in the ice cream?

    id like a countdown to blastoff.
  6. i find GREAT pleaure in expressing important words in capitals, and finding chunks of peanut butter in ice cream
  7. have you slept yet?
  8. i started to fade during the eagles game, so I drank a pot of coffee during that, fell asleep during the radiers for about 2 hours went to work the grave, 9 hours, came home slept for 3 had to be back at work today for another 9 hour shift, came home tonight around 1130, tired as hell, laid down and dont you know its almost 6am and still havent slept...! its like laying down for an hour or two, without falling alseep is good enough! I feel delusions of peanut butter armegeddon..
  9. heh, ive reached the point where i can operate all day on two hours of sleep, and a couple hours of just lying down and resting.
  10. drives me nuts cause the only thing Id like to do is workout, get my ass to the gym and I would seeing I have the time being awake! but my body is so physically tired! I cant seem to get back to that being of where my body can actually go through all that physical activity unless I have a good sleep..
    ugh oh well hopefully itll pass thinking maybe Ill ask to get off these gravepard shifts and get back to something where I can spend sometime with the sun..maybe thatll help!
  11. where DO you work?

    ive always wanted a graveyard shitf.
  12. 3 years ago I came off of 14 years of second and third shifts. It took me a year or so to even get back close to regular sleep pattern. But once you do, life becomes ever so much easier. I remember the long runs of awakeness. You can go from laughing near the edge of euphoria, to ready to murder most heinously that person who did'nt use his turn signal, even if he was going the other way and you just barely caught him out of the corner of your eye, in an instant.

    I also remember how after being up for 36 to 48 hrs. just one little beer can get you roaring drunk!

    Come into the light my little vampire!

  13. I am the vampire behind the scenes...
    LOL ~ okie, this happened tonight..Im usually in euphoria, it very well compliments me personality, but tonight we didnt have something that has never really bothered me before, I flipped the fuck out about tonight I saw red in my vision it was a true temporary moment of insanity. it was actually over chicken. lol I laugh about it now but my coworker had this flight of scared look cross over his eyes. it was this odd uncontrollable power that came over me..then a minute later I was like, wow..that was actually me? huh. I apoligized to my cowroker and went back to my carefree euphoric self. i work at a "wawa" if anyone is from NJ, esp south jeresy you know that there are at least 3 in 10 minute driving distance, 2 in walking, and 1 in sight. in delaware, maryland and its growing bigger out through pennsylvania too..its a 24 hour convience place that has EVERYTHING a stoner would want, and then some. its an amazing place really to stop in and buy crap but horrible to work at...thank god its temporary, Im on the edge of loosing it. I feel like im riding the wave on insanity and im on top looking down and laughing how good im doing....
  14. Hang in there.... i know how that is- indirectly as my wife is a nurse, and I never know if I'll get Jeckyl, or Hyde. You're exhausted!!

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