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getting giant bong & vape in bonaroo camp

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by high_and_dry, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. so my friend and i figure it might be kinda hard for us to sneak in a big bong and a vaporizer into bonnaroo. but, they check the cars there and i was wondering if anybody had some helpful hints to hide those things.
  2. Spare tire compartment if it fits
  3. idk man, its a truck.
  4. Put the bong and vape in a sleeping bag. That might work.
  5. Just tell security to lighten the fuck up. That usually works.
  6. ha. i dont think that will work dude
  7. does your truck have a lock box in the bed? I would just put in on the bottem and pile stuff on top. They probably wont pull everything out to get to the bottem.
  8. Just put it in a bag, I got into Bonaroo with a medium sized bong.
    They don't really care about that stuff, they are mostly looking for hardcore narcodics.
  9. Wtf is Bonaroo? Sounds like a kiddy camp.

    Duct tape it hardcore to the bottom of your truck, when you're a little ways away from camp.

    get a bag with a false don't even need a false bottom. Some come with that cardboard coated in plastic so the bag'll keep it's shape, pull that up and put it under there then just put clothes in the bag.

  10. What the...

    Bonnaroo is perhaps the best music festival in the US:


    Yeah, kiddy camp, sure.

    It doesnt exactly have a reputation as being an easy place to smuggle in drugs.
  11. Good luck with that shit!

    My state has some pretty shitty laws.

    Tennessee - NORML
  12. Look at all those little kids....

    Like I said yesterday, I learn somethin new everyday.

    I also don't get out much.

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