Getting fucked with on the southside of chi

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  1. Aight so this all happend on friday.....CRAZYYY ASSSS NIGHT

    The plans were to go and meet up with these girls that go to school with and head to a party.... They live on cicero and if you dont know.....its not too much of a safe place to be at night..

    We meet them up and they threw down 15 on the 30 sack. And 15 towards a bottle of Captain.

    between 4 girls and 3 guys (mostly us 3 guys) we slammed the handle in about 40 min.

    walked into the party all types of fucked up.. The party was crackin i'd say about 40 heads in a small house. DJ up in the basement everything was good.

    The girls decide they want us to spark up one of the blunts and go smoke, so we head outside in the alley way and post up... we see a crown vic gunning it towards so we all ran.....the girls went into the house and me and my homies started jumping fences!!!!

    we dipped and told the girls to meet us up somewhere, they said they were stuck in the party and to go somewhere and wait for them, so we decide to go eat at this restaurant on 26th street....Little Village....the hood....HOOD...i dont know why we stopped there, i guess just on some drunk dumb shit thinkin nothing would happen.

    Me and my 2 guys walk in and we are all drunk as hell, we order food and then see this Boxed Buick on 26's roll up.... 3 guys walk in probably just as fucked up as us, talking loud as hell and just annoying everyone...

    Guess who they sit by.. Right behind us. This guy kept taunting us telling us that they weren't gang bangers and asking us where we were from. Telling us to check out his whip and that he's known around here and to go party at his house....

    We tell him we cant and this is when he starts walking around behind us. saying dumb shit.

    tellin his guys we were on some other shit and to come check us....his homies got up and started walkin around ....acting shady...paid and left

    we were spooked as hell... this dude coulda had a piece on him, knife on him w/e ... they eventually left and so did we

    girls ended up going home and we still had 1.5g's left......... smoked it all on the way back to the burbs and here i am

    all in all it was a fuckin crazy ass night... jukin on hella girls, smoked mad bud, drank, partied ran from 5-0....good start on the summer

    Pussy move not running up on these fools..

    Good idea playin it safe and just ignoring them...?

  2. Thats why I never got remotely near south chi
  3. who cares about being a pussy, youre still fucking alive, man.

    southside chicago dont play no games. i know the d doesnt either, but southside chi is rough.
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    Just burned it after making a conflomerate sesh meeting, one traveled from a jack in the box on foot, two of us longboarded from my place and another person drove from his house. Anyway, we sesh on the river and are walking on the popular bike trail back to my friends car when we run into 3 black guys.

    Being high we just kinda smiled to them and passed them by but then they started talking to one of my friends. All of us kept walking except for the one friend and they started asking him if we wanted to smoke, he told them we were on our way from smoking, sorry and started to walk off. Then the guy comes up to him again and asks to ride his board. My friend declines and states that we are leaving.

    Then we run into a friend unexpectedly who was riding his bike home from school and happened to be black. We chatted with him for a second when we notice the 3 black guys walking up to us. One of them who looked like the chief of the gang walks up to us and asks us if we got any ipods and immediately says, "can i see it?" When we decline he says, "what are you scared im gonna take it?" I got his attention, giving him a clear sight that I was ready to snap his face with my board if I had to for defense and said, "Who do you think you are? we're just talking to our friend here and leaving so stop asking for stuff from us, we don't know you."

    I don't remember exactly how it went down from there but I remember walking away from them with my friends, we had them out manned and out armed and they kept calling us pussies because we didn't want to be confrontational. I had almost snapped by then, all it took was my friends' approval and my board would have been making felonies all over.
  5. OP are you white?

  6. whats it matter ?
  7. Trust me, in certain areas it does matter. I would say OPs race is relevant here.
  8. they were probably just looking for a fight. its amazing that they didn't jump you.
  9. yeah honestly I hear about a lot of shit happenin in Chicago, sounds kinda fucked up. Some guys were sayin how they'd be out smokin a joint by their house and just see random ass dudes gettin their watch stolen
  10. what street where u by? cuz i live on 24th and keeeler right between kostner and pulaski
    yeah its pretty bad but mostly everything is gang related
    so if u didnt dress like a banger but look like u have some money u getting robbed
    that better then getting shot for being in another gang
  11. You would of never made it home and they may of even stolen one of your lady friends from you.

    Good move.
  12. you are lucky man. my older brother went out to chicago once, got ripped off by a dealer, confronted him about, and ended up getting shot in the leg. shit gets heavy there.
  13. Hmm, they don't play up there... chances are if they were real bangers you would have been robbed either way though.

    OP, you made the right decision its always better to play it safe regardless of your location.

  14. hate to say it but lets just be honest, it does matter. Say your walking alone at night in the city. If you see 2 white guys walking towards you your going to be less nervous than you would be if 2 black guys were walking towards you.

    I mean im sorry -rep me, report me, whatever, but its the truth.
  15. you definitely shouldnt have ignored them dude all you really got to do is stay cool and make sure they kno your cool and usually people wont fuck with you. unless theyre like total dicks then shits goin down. really if you arent from there your always gonna get fucked with unless you kill somebody lol
  16. You didnt lose any possessions or blood so id say you played it right..
  17. i was born and raised in Chicago and the south side is my LEAST favrotie place too be.

    once i got kicked out of my friends house cause he was fucked up and being an asshole and had too stand in the freezing cold at night time for like 45 minutes till my ride came, i cant tell you how many creepers hit on me and tried too get me in there van :( plus another time my friend allmost got mugged walking 1 freaking block away from us too get too his car in the same exact place i had too stay at for like 45minutes

    so many crreepperrrss

  18. It's the truth.
  19. I used to to chill in humblt park n one of my friends at the time was a LK big time so one day we was chillin n shit and i guess i said somethin that pissed off one of his homies ( some bullshit too somethin about a movie he liked n i didnt) so he started gettin all up in my face n me, i dont take shit from no one regardless of what u reppn so i got in his face n he made a move n knocked me in the jaw so i started fightin n he pulled a knife n tried to shank me i grabbed his hand in twisted it til he dropped it n threw it away tellin him not to be a pussy n use a weapon. Then he pulled out a gun n pointed it right in my face. My friend had to stop him before he did somethin stupid but i was pretty much banished from the area. To this day when i avoid the area altogether not cuz im scared but cuz i kno no one will b around to save me cuz my bud got killed 2 yrs ago in a drive by...

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