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getting free ringtones

Discussion in 'General' started by cannabis, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Music is free so I don't see why I should have to pay for ringtones.
    And then when I fucking lose my god damn cell have to buy all of the ringtones I've already paid for once before. Some friends told me about a site where you can text ringtones to your cell for free. And also upload any saved image on your computer and text it to your phone to use as a background or whatever. The ringtones are free because they work in the same way... you upload the songs on your computer and chose which part of the song and how long you want it to play as your ringtone. And even better the site has a library and you can search and use any of the songs other people have uploaded to the site. The site has worked for me pretty good and I think it works for any network and almost any phone.


    enjoy blades.

  2. I use that too!
  3. thats mad chililn....i just created a username and shit....whats the max amount of a song i can import?
  4. Myxer iz teh awesome!
  5. Yeah dude myxer is the shit, been usin it for a while now.

  6. the length is one minute but you can chose exactly what part of the song you want to play as your ringtone down to the second...

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