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  1. The first time I got free bud was when I was 15, it was my first time smoking and I was too paranoid to do it in public. So my friend gave me one of those large pill bottles completely packed. Probably a good 10-15 grams. Well it didn't last long cause I was using a soda can pipe with a bowl that could hold like 3 grams. Haha I was so fucking high. And then last year when I was 17 I got a 2 gram bag of shake for free. That didn't really get me high at all .

    Green dreams motherfucker
  2. You'd be lucky to get free bud here, unless you rob someone.
  3. The dispensaries give me free bud all the time with my donations.

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  4. started getting "free weed" when I started slinging

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  6. My dad gives me free weed a lot. I'm gonna give him some today to start the morning out right.
  7. Ive gotten free weed from numerous people. Its usually samples but still i have had a select few who i can probably still give a call to and they wouldnt accept my money as long as it was small ammounts.
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    I got a bunch of free weed from my dealers for Thanksgiving and Christmas dealers.

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