Getting first set of drums

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  1. Need's to be <300$. Any suggestions?
  2. i dont have any suggestions for a kit. I have a Remo drum kit with zildjian cymbals, i got it for free from my uncle and its pretty badass, seen some wear and tear but it can take a fucking beating.

    start off real slow, simple 4 time beats, then progressively just learn fills. Drums are very very easy to get good at, some people just cant coordinate their hands and feet with different timing but i always found that pretty simple.

    i wish i could upload a video or something of my stuff, maybe i will tomorrow

    the thing with drums i have found is that once your body is physically used to doing the fills and stuff, its a fucking piece of cake. Also i reccommend getting pretty big and heavy drum sticks, I used to have 5A drum sticks, which were good for beginners, lite and snappy but after i got good i would drum really loud and heavy and keep breaking them, so i upgraded to 5B, which felt like fuckin night sticks at the time, but now they feel as light as the 5A, and when i use the 5A's, they are like toothpicks.

    sorry if that didnt make any sense.

    also try to grab some of these earmuff things [​IMG]

    they are the best cause if you dont have earplugs or something, your hearing will degrade after a while trust me. With those^ i sneak my ipod earphones in and put those over it, so my drumming is muffled but i can hear the music crisp and clear, so bomb to drum to your favorite tunes with that.

    lastly i found that drumming stoned is A LOT harder. I can play guitar and be better, more creative, but drumming is more physical and technical to me than playing a stringed instrument, and is a lot harder to keep timing and stuff when im blazed
  3. lol na

    @Stoogemeister, if the kind of music I want to play has anything to do with the drum kit that I need, I play metal/metalcore shit, none of that punk-rock-faggotry.

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