Getting everything planned out, need help (1st timer)

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  1. Well, I just started germinating my seeds (7), hopefully one of female, right now i have them in my computer were its warm since its kinda cold in the house, But once i know i have a female i am going to put it into around a 4" pot cause i want a small plant with not that much smell. Now for a 4" pot i plan to stunt the growth so it only grows about a foot high, Now how could i speed up the flowering process? what would i have to do for the day/night timings for lights?

    And how long do you think it will take for this bud to accually have buds if i can speed the process up.
  2. You can't speed up the process. You don't have to get a small pot to stunt it, either. If you only want it to get a foot high why don't you just throw it into flowering right away?

    Or, why not increase yield and keep height down by training it, instead? The plant will smell when its flowering regardless of its size. It might have small buds and might not smell as much, but you won't get much out of it.

    It can take up to 10 weeks for the flowering process to complete, depending on strain. Otherwise its hard to say.
  3. Well, my question is, how do i throw it into the process or flowering right away what do i do to do that? Could i fool it by letting it have less light and more dark?

    Well im testing my bud growing on bag weed seeds and im just trying to get good at this stuff, i bought a pH kit and everything and my pH is perfect at my house its 5.5 so that's pritty good.
  4. really should do all this researching before you germinate your seeds. get stoned and spend a few hours just reading through these stickies and i bet it will answer all of your questions. i would not recommend using such a small pot. if you plan on stunting the growth, do it by Lst or some other method instead of making your plant root-bound. i personally like to top my plants at about 3-5 weeks in to the veg so i get 4-6 main branches instead of just one large one. it also helps to ensure even light distribution among the buds which is very important. if you are growing inside, you need at least 4-6k lumens on the plant. if its outside, you are probably starting wayyy too late unless you are in florida or somewhere like that. the fall solstice is fast approaching and most first frosts will begin to occur in the next 6-10 weeks. start off with a 24 straight light schedule for at least two weeks. this will help your plant to mature faster. then switch to 12/12 or even a couple more hours of darkness to start the flowering process. if you are inside, grow the first few weeks with 6500k daylight spectrum cfls if you do not have a metal halide setup. (preferred by most) switch to 2700k or so specrum for the flowering process. this spectrum aids in the final development of the buds, as the sun is at different intensities during the fall than in summer. just helps to simulate nature a little more. anywho, good luck to u
  5. if its a soil grow u want ur ph bit higher, and to make it flower you put it into 12/12

  6. starting off the process of flowering all you have to do is give your plant at least 12 hours of un-interrupted darkness each day. some will start to flower even with only 10 hours, but 12 is the staple.

    if this is your first grow. its more important to make sure you have adequate lighting and ventilation, the proper feeding at watering routine, and taking care of every single little speck of bug that you may see. i have grown plenty of good weed and never measured pH once. you get some experience and you can tell what your plants mood is just by the way she looks. the texture and color of leafs, and so many other things. familiarize yourself with the PLANT, not with the chemicals and technicalities. you will be more successful in the beginning which will turn to much more success later on
  7. Thanks alot, Helped alot, ya im going to smoke in a few mins :p. But the plant is an indoor plant its turning fall here already and im doing this in my room right now, Once flowering starts i want to move it to my garage were it will be warm and have proper lighting.

    Once it sprouts and has leafs should i start doing the 24 hour lighting process for 2 weeks, then start doing 12/12.

    Ok ill go to walmart and get the pH booster. thanks alot :)
  8. be extremely careful when using stuff like pH booster and any nutes for that matter... you can really very easily do more damage than good. LESS IS MORE!!

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