getting drunk then taking ecstasy , safe or not?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by pieanator, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. well theres a really good party comming up and im not planning on sleeping so im thinking...after while im drunk ill be drinking safe amounts of water because alcohol dehydrates to body and ill wait 30 mins after being sober and drop some ecstasy is it safe ill still drink good amounts of water and stuff its just cause i wanna enjoy the night and yeah..ill be drinking from 5-6pm so yeah
  2. yea, but its a shitty combo
  3. I love drinkin on E... just stay really hydrated, otherwise your gonna have a wicked hangover.
  4. Well Ya don't know what all is in that roll so..that's your call.
  5. willing to take the risk anyway ahah thanks though man
  6. yeah so what do you usually do when you drink and take E which do you do usually do haha ill be smoking weed on the comedown btw :D
  7. In extreme quantities, it may kill you.

    In moderate quantities, it's just a bad idea which some people can deal with/enjoy. It all comes down to how YOU react, and whether you are a risk-taker or someone who would rather not fuck around with fire.
  8. hmmm so your saying that its still risky to do it even after sobering up? i might just drink throughout the night cause my ecstasy tolerance is really high and my magic is fairly gone and its gonna be my last time rolling for 2 months so not sure yet
  9. The issue is that ecstasy in pill form is always cut with something, otherwise it would not be in pill form. You never know what might be in it, and you never know how it might react with the alcohol. Be careful.
  10. As diceman mentioned, there could be anything in your pill.

    Mixing uppers and downers is always dangerous. Your brain is sending rapid mixed signals to your heart and other organs.

    If you take everything in moderation then staying hydrated is your primary concern.

    That being said, I've taken this combo on many occasions and really enjoy it. Be safe.

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