Getting Doug With High:

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  1. I felt like making a post because general is my favorite category and you motherf****** aren't posting anything for me to read :( Aha, so i was wondering if anyone else will be watching "Getting Doug With High" today?? Its live in like 6 hours or so.. any predictions on who they will have on the show?
  2. Lol, now this ^ this, would be amazing..
  3. I've watched it before when he had trailer park boys on.
    Might give it another watch

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    Aha my plan for today is to stay up and watch the show and then doze off, so they better not have some unknown dude on there..
  5. Todd Glass!

    Everybody gives him so much shit, but dude is a legend. Favorite guest after Proops.
  6. I think it would be awesome if they had jay from jay and silent bob... or the one and only, great stoner.. SETH ROGAN
    Todd Glass has been on the show.. I believe 2 times actually..
  7. Think Todd's been on 3 or 4, if you count the live gigs. Jay would be gnarly, but Jason Mewes is straight.

    I'm holding out for Joe Rogan, but that show better be 2 hours longer than usual.
  8. Toasty, nice avatar btw, just noticed it :)
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    Eyyy, cheers mate. That's from the day I was a dinosaur in a teepee.

    Edit to clarify that I wasn't actually a dinosaur, I was riding one.
  10. Sometimes doug totally holds hits in his mouth, especially in the early episodes
  11. I enjoy watching it, haven't seen it in a while though.  His first episode with jeff ross got me hooked.
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    "Fak, fak.. mother mother fuck fuck noise noise noise, smoking weed, smoking weed, doing c*ke, drinking beers, beers, beers, beers, who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts, drinking beers and smoking blunts.."

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  13. Lol, did you see the tommy chong episode? Most guests take like 2-3 hits, and tommy was just ripping that motherfucker
  14. First episode I saw last week with kassem G as the guest. And are you sure about the 2-3 hit thing? Cuz kassem was straight hoggin the bong, rippin the fuck out of it, lol.

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