Getting dogs high?

Discussion in 'General' started by dmginc34, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Some people at school talk about blowing their exhaled smoke at their dog and how it gets the dog high. Is this bad for the dog? Do dogs really get stoned, or is that just a movie myth?
  2. everybodys got an opinon...but mine is

    somed ogs like it and some dont

    blow smok to the dogs general area so he is in the "clowd"ane he will get high....if he likes it ..he will come arround when ever you dfire it up ..same is true for cats ...if he does not like it ...he will stay away when you fire it up

    just show him what its about and let him decide for himself affter that ...

    i believe it will also have to do with what you do with him when hes high ..if you play with him and he has a good time he is much more likely to like it than if you fuck with him....
  3. My friends dog was a total pot head. Whenever we smoked, he came over looking for a shotgun. My dog is kinda indifferent. Sometimes she wants more, other times she'll get out of the cloud, but stay by me so I can pet her.
  4. I got my cat high, i hotboxed my closet with him, i was blowing smoke at him and he was just sitting there taking it in. Then he got up to walk around a NO JOKE tripped over my skateboard that was in there and almost fell over, haha.. I've never seen a cat loose his balance before like that, he must have been high. The rest of the night i heard him running up the carpet outside my bedroom door, haha...
  5. my dog loves weed, but hates smoke. so its weird

  6. LOL That is funny as shit. I had an experience almost just like that. Crazy...
  7. when me and my brother get my dog high he stumbles around and makes all sorts of weird sounds...then eats tons of food. i swear we've given him cottonmouth be4
  8. What is it with people's facination to get animals high? I have three dogs and have never got any of them stonned, I just can't imagine it would be that funny.

    Although my brother in law told me how he had some friends in college who would exhale into their pet rat's cage. After enough times the rat became pernamently fuck-up. Always pariniod and jittery.
  9. grass roots that is the funniest thing i've ever heard,i swear i got this fly high before,everytime i smoked it would smell it and sit next to the stem on my bong,it's eyes were always red and huge,it couldn't fly,just set on the bong.
  10. My current cat Hobo hates it, she runs away every time (no I dont/havnt forced her, just blown it towards and shes outta there) but my previous cat Bear, different story. That cat prolly like it as much if not more than me. lol...every time hed come runnin up to my room when I went up just in case.

  11. see they have no problem deciding for them selves....
  12. I saw a guy feeding his dog space cakes at a coffeeshop the other day. You could tell the dog was having a blast.
  13. back in the day i had this dog that loved to get high now i got a lab and a chow/sheppard. the lab loves it but the sheppard gets paranoid as fuck so i dont get her high no more its fun as fuck smokin up with your pets though

  14. try blowing him hits from farther away ...the smoke will disperse more and he may apprecate it!
  15. yea once i did it to my dog just so he could have a experiance i dont no if i wana do it more cause i want him to live a nice long fullfilling life but after i did do it with him i was petting him and scratchin him he musta been high because when i was doing that his eyes rolled behind his was kinda freaky but im sure he enjoyed it.....looked like a dog with white eyes...obviously....
  16. i thought there wasnt any thc in exhaled smoke
  17. My dog likes to get stoned. He's only like a year old but if he's in my room and see's my bowl he'll just sit there and wait for you to blow the hit in his face then he'll leave.
  18. I've never tried it but i just say hold it, do ghost hits, and get higher? I'll def try it though.
  19. I get my dog high from time to time. He seems to like it a lot. One weekend my parents were away and me and my friends smoked out on my porch (enclosed porch) like every two hours, and every time we would go out ther to smoke he would start waggin his tail and follow us in and just sit next to me with a goofy ass look on his face. I haven't gotten him high since then, but maybe tonight ill give him a shotgun or two. My cat likes it too, but he's no fun when he's high.
  20. Does the dog stink like weed afterwords? I was thinking about getting my dog high but he stays at my parents house so I didn't want them smelling the weed off of him.

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