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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by notonTV, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just been smoking a few bowls and noticed something that is becoming more and more common. I will pack a bowl into my pipe or bong in front of my computer and then end up getting distracted by something, usually on the computer.
    I visit a lot of different sites and I always end up watching some video or reading an article and all of sudden it's 10 minutes later and I haven't smoked. This also happens when smoking with certain other friends, we will be smoking and talking and get so caught up in the conversation we forget to pass the bowl. (I know that's a lot of peoples pet peeve, sorry!)

    What about you guys, I know some people never get distracted from the bowl getting passed around!
  2. Were on the same page lol I just packed my bong up and then put it down and forgot
  3. Its called going off on a tangent, and its common as fuck when your stoned ;)
  4. ADD+WEED=GETTING-DISTRACTED-VERY-EASILY (shit, that just rhymed lol. but it is true. ask me! I have ADHD and this happens quite often)
  5. shit. Stoned and not paying attention. Please ignore whatever I just typed.
  6. Glad too see I'm not the only one! Anyone else?
  7. I rarely get distracted from my weed when I'm smoking it, but it does happen sometimes and it's usually not a big deal. But if you're smoking in a large group people might get mad, so I usually pay a little extra attention.
  8. Wait...what was this thread about?
  9. The OP sometimes forgets that he has a packed bowl ready to be your sig is sweet man!
  10. Could anyone direct me to the oh my fucking god my wallpaper is sick.
  11. so your saying this happens when your sober? that is odd. its common to just zone out with a bowl in your hand for a while when your baked though, just gets annoying when other people do it and your in a circle :bongin:

  12. Haha this happens to me..I'll come on here and decide to pack a bowl..Then I'll open a couple tabs, which leads to me opening more tabs and next thing I know I got 20+ tabs open and a packed bowl just sitting there haha
  13. This used to always happen to me. One time i packed my bong, i then went to get a lighter and saw decided to put on a good blazing song. i ended up playing GTA for an hour before i realized i had a packed bong sitting on my floor lol

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