Getting dead silent while high

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  1. Ok. Ive been smoking for 2 almost three years and I almost always get veeerry quiet when im high. I almost go mute. I wont say a single word unless im am asked something directly. I can hear and comprehend everything everyone is saying, but i just cant think of anything to say. Im always the awkward quiet girl to everyone else smoking, but everything goes on in my head. I get deeeeep into though, but about the stupidest shit. How or what can i do to have more energy, i guess? Im tired of being the slumped one. Its made me want to stop smoking tbh

  2. Just say something. lol Idk I'm a bit of an introvert myself, so this happens to me quite a bit. I don't really care though. People call me chill, somber whatever. I take that as a compliment. I'd rather chill with someone like you than someone who is bouncing off the walls, acting all obnoxious. Just converse with your friends or whoever your smoking with and enjoy each others company. :smoke:
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    you're normal... weed affects people differently. try smoking a sativa versus an indica... careful thou, you may not shut up
  4. I get quiet, too, and just absorbed into my own thoughts. I think it is also the strain you smoke. Indicas are known to be a bit more of a relaxant. I am pretty sure that I have smoked a sativa or at least a plant that was harvested a bit earlier and it made me feel energetic and talkitive. Everyone reacts differently, though.
  5. It's best not to talk then to talk shit!
  6. Try smokeing a sativa or something with less amber try a more socail smoke like super silver haze i take ot you grow? Try dutch passion outlaw out or try autoxtreme if ya do autos
    Go on leafy and look at there energetic strains.
    Does this happen with every strain
    And has it happend for the last 2/3 years...
    Also is there strains that make it worse. Mayne tell ya friends ya smoke with so the ask you or.opinion or.ask you more things direct so you talk more it may be help overcome something.

    auto help page if you need help with autoflowers

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