Getting cremated or burried?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by brownstain, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Its not really part of my religion, but I think it would be interesting for people to be cremated and then put into soil for a marijuana to grow from. It would be your ego still on earth..until some hunch smokes you all up!:hippie: Kind of like How high!

    or you can get burried and decompose in a box.
  2. I do not plan on dying, but should it occur, I will get cremated. My ashes will be kept around until blasting them off into space becomes affordable. :)
  3. I\'d love to hear more on that.

    I would have to say that at this point in time, I would want to be buried. Eventually, we will have to figure out how to reverse engineer death using DNA. At which point in time, it might be possible to bring people back to life, so I would want to make sure I have some sort of DNA around from bones or hair.

    Now, I imagine that in the coming decades there will be companies that will just take a DNA sample and save it permanently until the science comes around. We don\'t know what the world of medical science will be like by the time I die and more importantly what things we will think to be possible by that time.
  4. The only tattoo I would ever consider getting, would say the same thing as the anti-litter slogan on a Whataburger soft drink cup...\" When I am empty, please dispose of me properly\".

    So, cremate me, then put me in a large Whataburger milkshake cup, and then burn that too. Two trash with one match!

    I do like the fertilizer idea, as well.
  5. I\'d rather be food for the earth, even if I were brought back to life I would not be the same person. Burying people is a waste of ground space and coffins are definitly a waste of money. What burns never returns!
  6. my family already has spots reserved for like the whole family (to be burried)--after my grandpa died i guess they just went out n bought a familys worth of spots next to his or something, so i guess unless I want different than thats whats goin down
  7. I\'ve been waiting to let this one loose.

    So, when I die, I\'m going to be taking to some ocean. (Preferably a nice warm one with a nice breeze.) Make a giant raft, put straw and gas all over that bad boy. Push me out to sea and then shoot a flaming arrow and light my ass on fire.

    It\'s probably illegal, but it\'s a pirates death for me. ARGHHH!
  8. I definitely want cremated....not sure what to be done with the ashes though.
  9. cremated, buried, disintegrated, vaporized...i really dont care what happens to my body when i die. :p

  10. yar, a vikings death that be, says me.

    As for me, I haven\'t thought about it all that much. Hm, perhaps I\'ll get a sky burial, if anyone knows what that is I\'ll be hella impressed.:D
  11. I was just telling somebody at work today that when i die I\'d want people to do one of two things:

    1. Create a bond fire and throw me on it, make sure you use flax so it burns hot enough to get rid of me; nobody needs to clean it up after. As for the location; pick one that nobody knows about, and won\'t make a big deal about.

    2. Place my body in the desert to be eaten by vultures; if there\'s bones left, burn them, so they are incinerated, and throw them where they land.

    Edit: If there was a way to actually avoid having a funeral i would
  12. Definately cremation.

    Like what was stated above- its a waste of space to be burried, and a hell of a lot of money.

    Light me on fire and put my ashes into the earth- I don\'t even want to be crammed into an urn, again its a waste of money.

    Death is death- it should not be an investment.
  13. I\'d never want to be cremated

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    I don\'t see how getting buried is a waste of ground space...cemeteries take up space regardless, you\'re just added. And so what If getting buried is a lotta money, you only live once right? which is why I plan to coat my coffin in platinum and put spinning rims on my hearse :D
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