Getting cool air in and hot air out of my grow closet

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  1. So basically I have a about a 5x5x10 walk in closet I have a small cabinet for veg and a larger 2x2x5 cabinet for flower and a desk in the closet. the room the closet is attatched to has a floor vent and gets cool but the closet stays about 80* f all the time even though the rest of the house is around 70 ish and the flower cabinet gets up to 91*.

    My thoughts are vent cool air into the closet and hot air out of the house since its an exterior wall closet, but in conserned about the smell going outside into my neighbor hood, nearest house is about 15ft away, or venting in cool air and venting hot air out into the same room the closet is connected to.

    I currently have a intake fan and exhaust fan with carbon scrubber in my flower cabinet I have considered putting in the closet so my spare room doesn't stink all the time since I also smoke in the closet.

    Will any of this work to help reduce smell and or cool off the flower box? Obviously lowering temps is my main concern.

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