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  1. I've been looking around and i can't really find anything telling me specifically how to get color in my bud. I know that only some strains change color and only in certain temperatures and conditions. Purple and white are both good colors so anyone who knows how to get it to go either way should let me know. I would really appreciate it.
  2. Cold temps made my bud turn purple/pinkish, and I read somewhere about coloring weed with food coloring right after the bud is cut, soak the stem in water with food coloring in it.
  3. Do you have any specifics on the temperature? And natural color is definitely preferred over sticking it in food dye.
  4. Get purple genetics... right? Don't add chemicals/coloring... that's dumb and probably toxic... :eek:
  5. cool temps at night help bud turn purple
  6. So cool temperatures when i turn off the lights? What temperatures? Numbers would be good
  7. Below 64 at night usually does it to my strains, and pretty cool during the day too (70 or so).

    Remember, too cold can stunt growth, so be careful.
  8. Mines turning purple its some strong indica, its starting to get colder at nights and it sbeen changing
  9. What are your strains?
  10. Just some random seed I got from some mexican shwag. Its ending up quite nice :) and I have a smaller hybrid strain but no pics of it
  11. So anyone have any news on turning it white?
  12. closest your gonna get to white ,.. is drying in the sun .
  13. Or are you talking about white hairs, because those are there during flowering
  14. I want it to be white like white rhino. [​IMG]
  15. Thats not color thats the thc crystals on the outside of the plant theres just hella.
  16. that rhino is like 3 weeks from chop when that rhino is all those white hairs would be brown
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    If you are trying to color your plants you must first have the correct strain that changes colors.
    GDP (grand daddy) Likes 75F and under during the light cycle.
    At night never lower than 68F and over.
    I believe most people have trouble keeping their room cool enough for the buds to turn colors.Most plants like 74F degrees and under for color changing.
    also on adding food coloring, it will not change colors the natural way, when it's natural the whole leaf turns colors and with food coloring, mostly only the veins turn colors.
    I seen bud with food coloring and it didn't impress me, reminded me of kindergarten class and putting celery into colored water, amateur in my opinion.
  18. Well this answers my question...aha...

    I grow weed in three places, my closets....and a few stealthed book cases one of which happens to suck what I can only imagine is sucking cold air off the window its next to...well...they are pretty indeed :)
  19. I will go into it more than I have to because I am :smoking: and bored!

    I am sure you ventilated your bookcase set up and are your lights air cooled?
    Is this for flowering/clone/vegging? depending on what your doing you can set your ventilation but here are a few guidelines when ventilating small enclosures.

    Cold air in bottom - Hot air out the top
    Always have air cooled lights but no so important with florescent lighting.
    For every room I *MUST* keep them 76f and below no matter how many lights I am using.
    this is for veg and flowering rooms,I think the clone room can be slightly higher but not over 81F.

    I myself have not used any stealth or enclosed set ups that small but I do have plenty of experience in the field of setting up grow environments for others. especially large up to
    15 X 1000W with full air cooling and 40,000 BTU split air AC systems. I am a lic contractor =) so anybody out there need some help hit me up, don't let the post count fool you.
    Also feel free to contact me, I love to share my knowledge and also to learn a few things from others.

    It takes a lot of work to keep a room cool enough to sustain ideal environments for what you are doing.It's a balancing act with all these factors.

    Outside room temp
    Intake tamp
    Inside room temp
    Exhaust temp
    Light exhaust temp
    Number of lights
    Side of ducting
    Fan size *CFM*
    using CO2 or not?
    Ballast inside or outside of environment?

    Here is what I do to keep temps low on a room size set up.(12' x 10')

    6000W of light (6 lights)
    blower and booster fans for air cooled lights. I have 3 fans cooling 2 lights each.(440cfm for 2000w in line) All fans mounted outside of room.

    All ballasts and plugs mounted outside.
    I use powerhouse ballasts with air cooling outside the room to keep the lights efficient, a hot ballast can cut down on light intensity. Heat is always detrimental to anything, humans go into shock, engines overheat and blow out, transmissions the same, light bulbs the same, paint jobs, ok you get my point. Were trying to KILL HEAT!
    Just mount everything that can give off heat outside of the room if possible.
    I have even made cabinets with all the ballasts and heat producing equipment inside of a amorie and vented it outside from inside of a room. This also keeps sounds down.
    There are all sorts of ways to cut down on heat.
    Oh yea use insulated ducting and make sure all your fittings are air tight.
    ok my :smoking: is wearing off.

    Now this is when i get lazy but I have plans to use the icebox cooling system with chillers ect. This product looks very promising. One thing I always tell people, spend good money on your equipment and do not mickey mouse the system, especially the electrical part of it.

    oh and use ac when you have to but not the standing indoor units unless your only using about 2000 watts. 13000 BTU is not enough for 3 lights unless u have them air cooled properly.
    In the end it just costs a lot of money to keep your room cool enough to change colors!
    ok my :smoking: wore off, time to roll one!

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