Getting cold, out of time?

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  1. Hi all. It is getting cold in my area, we are supposed to have a frost tonight. I have read in books and sometimes online that plants can survive the first frost, but realistically, will this damage my plants? They have about 3 weeks left, at least. I've been researching weather and it isnt supposed to get below 40 average until oct 10, which is when I plan on harvesting.

    it isnt supposed to get below 40 average until oct 10

    this sentence looks silly after I've just typed that I'm supposed to get a frost. But, this is my first grow, I'm not sure about all these things. Any ideas guys?

    Also, one plant appears to be a sativa, its much bigger than the other plants, and has been flowering a long time. bagseed grow. Of four seedlings, four are females. :hello:

    EDIT: also, im retarded I forgot the important question I was going to ask. I've read in books that once the plant is past the pre-flowering stage into the flowering stage, light interruptions don't matter anymore, you can't stop it from flowering. What I'm getting at is, if it gets too cold to finish outside, can I bring them inside for a few weeks if I have to?
  2. yeah you can bring them inside if it gets too cold, but if your gunna do that you might wanna do it before the frost so nothing bad happens. If theyre in pots then yeah switch them onto 12/12
  3. i just got a cold snap of 35* for the weekend nights. its suposed to warm back up and be a normall fall...lows in the 40s 50s...

    i believe a cold snap like this will really trigger the plants to flower hard and maybe force out some purple fall colors

    if your getting frost repeatedly thats not good...
  4. I moved them all indoors so i dont have to mess around with the weather. hopefully they will finish just a little bit quicker now, there's nothing to harm or distract them inside :)
  5. what kind of lights are you using ?

  6. they're just cfl, i can't currently afford anything else. 500 watts.

    Also, unfortunately one of my girls just grew balls. I noticed this morning so I took it out, can I just cut the sacks off and will it be ok? Its back outside.
  7. relax, they will be fine, they aren't going to shrivel up and die with a little 28 degree weather. you'll see. who would want a yucky fluoro when god's big sun is shining in the sky.
  8. No doubt. i would of kept them outside they are pretty tough plants.

  9. keep them outside. it got down to 28 the other day in my area and mine are just fine. and still fattening up:D i dont usually take mine until oct. 15-20th when it gets to be like under 32 every night. my plants this year seem pretty strong so maybe ill leave them until its down to 30 every night? all in all just keep a close eye on them and they will tell when its time
  10. I put them back outside. I appreciate all of your advice, and I agree with you. My growing buddy doesn't, but its not really up to him at this point, or even me. The inside was way too hot for them and they burned a little. I'm just too impatient and too new at this lol, I can't leave them alone.

    EDIT: the biggest female, the pistils are starting to turn brown. I don't like that, because the leaves don't have hardly any crystals on them. Does this mean it is reaching maturity and I have an inherently weak strain?
  11. I wouldn't worry about the pistils. Some of mine are darker color as well. It happens. Good thinking on putting them back out. It sucks having to leave them alone and wait but its worth it my friend.
  12. hahahahahaha. Oh shit. Here's some pics of my plants like two-three days ago. I'm estimating I have less than 14 days to harvest now.

    NEVERMIND give me a few minutes. My pictures are too big for GC to handle. And I'm not resizing in paint.

    EDIT: Oh one of them worked, isn't she perdy?

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  13. Love me some hairy bitches:D

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