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Discussion in 'General' started by st0ner13, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. I have a job interview at the local Best Buy on Monday. If they choose to hire me later that week I will have to schedule a drug test. I really need this job because I am broke, lol. Does any one have an suggestions for getting clean? I can't afford to drop dirty. Please help.
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  3. If you got some spare cash (About $50) go to your local GNC store, and there is this drink they sell which cleans out your system. My freind just bought a bottle cause he had a drug test for a job. Worked like a charm. Just go to the store, and ask if they have any drinks that can clean out your system. Just tell them its for a job, and your set. I forgot the name of the one my freind got, but it was this grape drink that was like $40-50.

    Good luck with the test man.
  4. Niacin, it's worked for me every time. Just take 2 Niacin the day before the test and drink loads of water. Make sure you piss more than 5 times that day. Then the day of your drug test make sure you pee before taking the drug test(1st one after waking up is dirty), then when you pee in the cub pee a little bit in the toilet and fill it from the middle of your piss cycle(i hope I didn't confuse you). When it first comes out it's a little dirtier than in the middle.

    Niacin is like $12 at any pharmacy store(Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, whatever you have near you). It's in the herbal medicine section. Certo works too, which is a jam preservative found at any food store for like $3. You mix a pack with about 2 quarts of water then chug the whole thing. It's nasty drinking that much sugar water so I prefer Niacin since they're pills. But both work and are cheaper than the drug detoxes people will suggest.
  5. some one told me that vinegar works too. Take like 2 tsp of vinegar for like 3 days or something? Can anyone confirm this. Thanks for all the help so far guys.

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