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  1. How do you do this... just go to a hospital and ask for clean needles? do you get strange looks
  2. Go to CVS, they sell needles for diabetics.
  3. Wal Mart has all kinds sitting on a shelf next to the contact solution...
  4. actually that depends on which state you live in. i see you're in canada, so that might be the difference. most pharmacys will sell them to you in the usa, but you really need to know what your buying. when you ask for them, just ask for 1cc insulin syringes. they might ask you what gauge needle you want, so either say "standard" or 12 gauge. i think most of us junkies use 12g.
    you can also order them online, and skip all the sketchy questions. if you don't need them asap, then just order them. google 1cc insulin syringe, and you'll see a shit-ton of sites that sell them.
  5. Walmart and most drug stores here sell them.

    But dude, id hate to see you start IV'in.
  6. I think it might be to sketchy would delivering that to a college haha. then again I could say cause ima diabetic?
  7. just go to the closest pharmacy and ask for 1cc insulin syringes, problem solved. there like 3 bucks too
  8. unless he's IM'ing something.
  9. Dude, they have them everywhere, it's not sketchy at all, you don't look like a fucking fiend.

    But seriously, needles mane? Why? Don't start IVing, it's not worth it.
  10. Yeah, just go to CVS. Worst case scenario you get carded and/or asked who/what they are for.
  11. if he's asking where to get clean needles, then he's already made the choice to mainline. would you rather he asks and obtains clean needles, or otherwise buy one off of a dealer that "might" be new. and sometimes it's hard to tell if they've been used. and even if the original user cleaned it out with bleach, it's still risky.
  12. And obviously he's over 18 and has diabetus so that's not a problem.
  13. I havent made the decision 100% to mainline

    This was more of a wondering question? incase I do
  14. actually he doesn't have diabetes. he said that he "could say that" if they gave him shit about it.
  15. Don't do it.. Your still in college.. At least wait to get your education done with
  16. Good thing u came on here and asked where to get them. If I started to IV (not that I even mess with opiates) I would be so sketched out thinking that the needle might not be clean.

    But yea just go to a local pharmacy and ask for them thats what my dad does when he needs new ones for his insulin shots. My friend bought his offline though to inject his roids but he needs a bigger needle cause his roids are oil based and it would take mad long to suck that shit thru a syringe if it were a small one.
  17. Stick to snorting that shit yo.
  18. they hand out clean needles for free at my local health department.
  19. you cant find a needle exchange? but think long and hard about it man. there's a lot of bullshit that comes with this game

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