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Getting clean in 10 days

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Wallace Green, Feb 7, 2014.

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    I apologize in advance if this is a re-post, since I take it for granted I'm not the only one who's been asking this. 

    I am bipolar and on the 14th of February I am going to be getting my diagnose for it, as well having to leave a urine sample. I live in a country where cannabis is highly stigmatized, I won't get any legal ramifications if I fail the test, but I'm not in a mood for setbacks and delayed diagnosis. Not to mention the lecture I'm probably gonna get. I lied, once I saw the doctors face turn into a frown when I answered his question about self medication, I didn't tell him that I was a daily toker. Told him I smoke very rarely, like once a month.

    So I went the first two weeks without weed (I got my appointment for the 14th about a month ago), no problems. But this week my mood dipped and I smoked a gram on tuesday, giving me roughly 10 days to get clean. Stupid, maybe, but cannabis is the only medication that actually works for me.

    I am 6,4 ft, 155 lbs, pretty much no body fat and I've been smoking daily (a gram or less) for about two years. Do I stand a chance? I am going to work out and I already tend do drink crazy amounts of water and I have drug tests at home that I thought I'd test my self with the day before. If I come out positive, I'll call and tell them I wanna push the date. But is there a chance I'll come out clean in 10 days?

    Thank you in advance
  2. a country weed is frowned upon...that covers just about all but Uruguay...
 will test what. State mandates require a Dr to spread lies about pot...but good Dr's will tell you that and go on to say they 'heard' it helps...
    stressing over it is not good for your bipolar...just lay off until you test because the dr already knows you will fail, you admitted to toking once a month...
    Check the medical section, granny storm crows list of research has plenty about mj helping bipolar people.
  3. Im 6ft 150 lbs and it took me 4 weeks to get clean after years of daily smoking.
    i think maybe your best bet to just have less metabolites in your piss so it at least doesnt seem like you smoke as much as you do.
    idk what country youre in but you can try to find detox drinks also. maybe order online?
  4. Thanks guys. But are you sure? I know people who've got tested after 5-3 days and passed. Is it water diluting that saved them?
  5. Just drink pectin (sure jell) and drink and piss with it in your stomach before you finally piss in a cup. It needs to coat your stomach. Half a box worked fine with me with water. Follwed by a ton of water.
  6. I've just worked out, drank a lot of water instead. Let ya know tomorrow, with the home THC-test, how it went. 
  7. 13days 5mins 2seconds  + 250 pushups x joggin 3 miles a day = "getting clean"
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    It is possible to pass.  
    I had a pass or jail situation on my hands and I had been smoking heavily for years, but I stopped 5 days before my official administered test.   I walked into the place near explosion.  I was bloated, weak, and utterly terrified.
    What I did was awful for my body, but FYI it can be done.  
    I'm a male at 5-10 165 and lean
    This is what you need to do
    steam shower every day.
    chug pure cranberry juice
    take cranberry pills -   They coat the inside of your bladder so there is less secretion of THC
    chug water
    take niacin pills
    detox drinks 
    detox yogi tea
    I had two drug test specific detox drinks 
    Ate salt and vinegar chips
    I did not eat meat
    I ate mostly veggies 
    I was peeing mostly water at this point so before the test I had to take vitamin b-12 to add some color to my pee, but don't take too much or they will know something is up.
    The key to passing is finding a delicate balance between the THC that is being flushed out of your system and the THC you don't want to be flushed out onto the test. 
    You do not want to be purging the THC the day of your test so avoid the general GNC non-THC-specific detox drinks the day of. 
    Good luck 
  9. i think u most likely will be clean. go to the dollar store and pick up a drug testand test ur self the day before. if ur positive just say u cant go pee and theyll prollly resecdule the test to another day. but since u hadnt smoked weed in 2 weeks nd just smoked a gram i think itll be out of ur system in 10 days since ur skinny af
  10. For me it took less than a week.

    I worked out everyday by running a lot and doing pushups and crunches.

    But DO NOT work out the day before or of the test.

    I drank water practically the whole time, so i was pissing completely clear.

    So if you're not fat, you'll be good.

    To add to that tho, the doctor shouldn't even be testing for bud since its for your bipolar
  11. Thanks everyone for your insight. I tested my self twice with the home kit, came out positive. So I called them and asked for another time (said I had to work late tomorrow) so they gave me a time for the 26th of February.

    If I'm not clean by then, I don't know what to do. 
  12. did you ever stop to consider that lying to your doctor could potentially hold you back from making progress with your diagnosis?
  13. Turin: I am fully aware of that. The reason why they are testing me is because they require you to be free from drugs, because sometimes on the influence of drugs, they can cause these shifts in your mental health, making you think you're (in my example) bipolar.

    But the thing is, I haven't been smoking for that long. I'm 30 years old and I've only smoked weed for the last 18-24 months. But I've had my mental issues since I was 17-18 years old. I suspected way before I ever smoked weed that I was bipolar. 
  14. did they start you on lithium bicarbonate?
  15. Turin: No I haven't gotten my diagnosis yet, officially. Thus they wanting me to be clean to see if I still have the same issues. Which I do. Matter of fact, they get worse when I'm not smoking weed. 

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