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  1. What are some of the ways you've heard of small time growers getting busted? I'm trying to get all my bases covered.
  2. Telling/Showing others
    Too much smell
    Renting a house/apt and having landlord come in.
    telling people u have a great hookup, smoking wet weed w/them
    ordering a lot of grow supplies to the grow house
    visiting a staked out hydro shop
    throwing stuff in the trash and someone finding it
    poor electrical wiring creates fire
    overloaded electrical wiring causes fire
    telling your loved one/ girl friend/ boyfriend and then breaking up with them..

    theres lots more
  3. My #1 rule in growing is don't tell anyone! I know it's tempting, but it's best you don't. (forums is ok but not anyone you know)
    ninfan77 pretty much has the most important things covered.

    If you're in an apartment make sure you switch out the door handles to your closet and the room the closet is in and lock it everytime you leave the house.

    There's actually a very very low chance you'll get busted. Just be smart, and stay smart.
  4. Id like to hear all the options on this one as well...My main concern(and the one I've heard about most) is lighting. I've always been told that the eletric supplier tracks all situations, like lighting stages for this reason. Is this true? Like I just want a couple little plants, nothing crazy, but living in a semi-big city, could this cause a problem? I hope I'm asking some good questions for the OP, so help us both out.

  5. Dude we have the same avatar!
  6. lights wont take up enouph energy for it to be noticible especially if its a small grow
    think about it, a second air conditionar will take up way more energy than the lights so how would the electric supplier be able to tell where the power is coming from?
    you would probably need a HUGE grow for that to be an issue

  7. Totally.
    And by HUGE its probably something like a total of at least 2000W.
  8. Flapping your lips, being stupid, and plain bad luck are probably the biggest causes of getting busted.

    Tell NO ONE. I know you really want to, but don't. Not even your coolest friend you grew up with.

    Keep your op small and hidden. Watch out for light leaks, smells, and growing activities at weird hours.

    Don't grow beyond your needs. Having said that, it could make sense to grow more at a time for a longer need and then shutting down your op for a while rather than having grows going on constantly.

    Don't give away free weed thinking it's OK since you're not selling. That's the same as dealing under the law in most states.

    Plan your grow from beginning to end as much as possible before starting.

    Careful about utility meter readers and other such folks who may come onto your property -- if they see a plant in a window or get a whiff they could get a reward from LEO for turning you in.

    Don't get busted for smoking, which could lead back to a discovery of your grow up. So don't drive with MJ, for example.
  9. As tempting as it is to tell 1, ONE person at any time in your life,think about it,its like a cancer growing. That one person tells another even weeks or months later who may only know a little bit about you,they will most certainly tell another which may continue over and over until someone rips you off or worse.If you you get busted its most likely 99.9% your own falt and you WILL remember when and where you were when you shot your mouth off when your sitting alone locked up! :D

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