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  1. What are some of the ways people get busted???Is it safe to talk about growning in public?? Who do you tell and who do u not tell??? Is it safe to talk about it over phones??? and over the internet like we are now...?
  2. Well, people who have read many of my posts will laugh when they read this, as Im starting to come off (to them) as a conspiricy (did i spell that right?) theorist... heres a few good rules to follow...

    to quote the xfiles (catching my sarcasm) Trust no one.

    its a good rule.

    to put that in laymans terms:)-)~ ) t... tell no one. if you tell no one, no one will know... to a certian degree... (all satelites set aside)

    Educate yourself in the field of proxies and IPs... and while your at it read the patriot act...(its only ..oh 500 pages long, voted in without being provided or read by any members of congress amongst others, supposedly written in 3 short days yet has enough cross references to keep 100 people writing and reading for 10 years :) and has everything to do with your rights and every way they've been stripped...end commentary) and this will give you an idea as to wether or not its safe to talk over the we are now... but to make a long story short...

    the answer is no.

    i made this as simple as i could... dont talk to anyone in person, not even your best buds..."one person knows, the whole world knows" unless you enjoy putting your life in some ignorant persons hands (for entertainment purposes only of course...) get the point?

    and to make online convorsations safer, check out youll know what its all about when you get there.

    take care... and remember

    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.

    big brother is watching.

    sweet dreams. :)~

  3. some of the ways people get busted???

  4. You should never tell anyone about you growing-i have, you live and learn- you should never talk on the phone about drugs, cell phones are even worse because you can pick up cell phone conversations from simple radio waves you don't even need a phone tap. The safest place i found for talking about plants is here, just make sure you never say your real name or talk about where you live. But you probably still shouldn't talk about it here.
  5. There are some words given todays world that you never ever want to put in an email together..
    , forum post, or say on a telephone ( doesn't matter , cell or wired..

    Daydream a bit and you will come up with the words...PLEASE don't ask me to confirm them..
    I will go gas up my SUV loaded with food now...
  6. If you grow, keep it between you and your plants!! Loose lips sink ships my friend. :)

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