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  1. I haven't seen this thread yet, but I'm sure it's on here somewhere I'm just too lazy to look. Share your times of getting caught smoking weed. Doesn't matter who caught you. Could be cops, parents, teachers, whatever.

    Well, about 6 months ago I was smoking a bong in my garage, and all of a sudden I hear a car door slam shut. I'm supppperrr baked at this point in time. So I panic and take my bowl and run towards my room. On the way to my room I slipped and dropped my bong and water, and semi-burnt bud went everywhere. I take off my shirt and soak it all up. I threw it into the bathroom, went into my room and just sat there. My mom came in opened the door and glared at me. I knew she smelled the bud(she use to toke up herself). She was really pissed but let me off easy. But now looking back at it, I could have just left everything in the garage and just closed the door. :(

    Oh, also my grinder was on the living room floor, which she found and didn't tell me about for a few weeks. :confused:
  2. lol... no more please... no more of these threads..
  3. I've never been caught because I'm not stupid.

    I don't walk around with all kinds of shit.
    I don't smoke in places where someone that cares will see/smell it.

    Stop telling us that your Mommy caught you and was pissed/grounded you. You're supposed to be an adult. How about respecting their wishes and not smoking in their house?
  4. Yeah, good point.

  5. Lol Sly Guy

    Everyone gets caught at some point.:p
    Just wait till it comes and bites you:rolleyes:
  6. Marc Emery has been jailed and caught for smoking marijuana / seeds multiple times.

    Who cares if he wants to share his story with the city? Isn't that what almost every thread in this particular section is about? Stop being such a hard-ass and smoke more.
  7. Eh, I smoke plenty.

    My point is that most people PUT themselves in situations to get caught. I probably will get caught at some point in my life, unless I make it out of this state before that happens, in which case I will lol.
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    Well since people are just bitching, and not contributing to this thread I'll share the story about how I got caught a few days before 4/20 when I was 15 or 16 back in the day.

    So I had a mini wooden pipe and it was the fuckin shit. Plain and simple, that shit hit harder than some bongs I've fucked with before. Anyway my parents would go on a walk every night, and my sister was always with her boyfriend, and I was the lazy stoner fuck:))). I would just get stoned when my parents went on walks. Well this one night before they went on a walk two of these dumb motherfuckers I knew stopped by, they wanted to tell me they just broke into some dudes car and found a hatchet. But anyway they asked me to stash it so I kindly told them to fuck off. So they left, and my parents left. So I wait a few minutes then I turn on the shower go out the back door to do my thing. Well as soon as I went out there I saw an odd shadow. I didn't think much of it, because you don't really put to much insight into a shadow thats shaped like nothing at all.

    So I start singing some random ass song I made up about smoking weed. A good 2-3 minutes I was singing some song I made up just freestylin it. Then I take a big ass hit, and as soon as I do the fucking gate opens. Man I swallowed that smoke out of fright, it was fucking insane. My parents:eek: they said they heard the bathroom door close so they hid there. That was fucked up, but they took my lighter and pipe. I was already grounded so they only got mad. Mom came in all upset and asked for my stash. She was crying.

    Nowadays I don't have a strong relationship with my dad, but I love my mom more than anything. Had her watch the Union, pulled up some articles, and now we laugh about those times they caught me. And I even might get her to hit a joint (she has some fucked up shit going on with her hip). I don't get why they couldn't just open the gate all calmy. I'd rather get caught before or after I'm smoking. You never wanna get caught mid fucking hit. That's like getting your ass beat while you're taking a shit. Before or after man fuck.

    EDIT: Oh shit. Forgot to add why the friends stopped by mattered. It did because my parents thought I made a drug deal on my porch with the door open. So they wouldn't ever let me see them guys again which was fine with me.
  9. This isn't really a getting caught story, but here goes.

    I used to live with my girlfriend and her parents, and I knew her parents would flip if they caught me smoking in their house, so I built this shed in the backyard thinking I could smoke there. Only spiders and mice and shit moved in and I was terrified of going in there at night. Plus it was up in the hills and I swear I heard coyotes walking around ever time I blazed (paranoid much?)

    Now I'm on my own and smoke every day in the comfort of my own living room. I don't think I could ever go back.
  10. why are people likin this thread hahaha
  11. Idk man.. idk. Maybe they'll consolidate them all into one thread. Could be an interesting sticky as some people do have some lols-worthy "oh fuck" moments.
  12. I stashed a brand new hookah and a half o in the woods, and waited till my parents went to bed to go get it. They went to bed, and I dipped out the back door and picked it up. As I was walking back up the stairs to my room, who but my mom fuckin comes around the corner. I run outside and toss the metal case in the woods. My mom freaked and I told her it was beers, until she told me shes going out first thing in the morining to find it and if its not beers she will freak. ( they dont care much if I drink alittle) So I ended up telling her it was a hookah :eek:
  13. You should've waited until you knew they were asleep. Like an hour or two.
  14. afew months ago i bought a 8th from a friend paddy... it was a hot day so i hid it in in the roll up of my jeans... got high in the park completely stoned i went home and forgot about the weed in the roll up... fell asleep woke up afew hours later.. with my mum standing there with the bag looking pissed..
    i instantly just said
    "shiiiiiiiiiiieeeet... im holding it for a friend"
    and she bought it! pffft close call... and the weed sucked aswell
  15. Why are there so many dicks on here now? He's just telling his story, and obviously his mom didn't care much when she let him off easy. Take it easy man.
  16. because people like hearing other people stories?

    stop being a dick
  17. Atleast we're honest.

    Stop being a bitch about it.

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