Getting Caught Smoking

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  1. Hey everyone I'd like to share an old story with you guys

    So this dates back to my freshman year in highschool and I met four stoners who smoked me out for 2 months straight for free everyday no problem we would meet up after school behind this library nobody went to off the side of a freeway and we would rip the bong nonstop and get so high and I became somewhat of a burnout and started losing track of my life and do nothing but get high all day. I would go home eyes red a s*** and tell my mom in the face "no I'm not smoking" So of course doing this everyday my mom knew something was up and me being the cocky person I was told everybody that I'm a true pothead and so on. My mom ended up hearing about this and one day I was at my dealers house taking gravity bong hits higher than a kite get a phone call from my mom and she was furious screaming at me and I rushed home got in my moms car and she took me to get drug tested (keep in my mind I am very lifted at this point) not knowing what was going on she lectured me about how marijuana is bad blah blah blah but I ended up getting positive on my drug test and losing trust from my whole family for like a good 2 months. I was such an idiot back then but happy to be able to smoke freely whenever I want now.

    So tell me share some of your stories of you ever getting caught by family, friends, or the police!
  2. Multiple threads on this,

    but I remember when my parents found out I smoked, they raided my room and my dad thought it was a 'shit'-meth pipe when he found my marijuana pipe lol. that was a loooonnng ass time ago.
  3. Barely got caught, mom took my piece and a dub, got yelled at,

    Bout the 20th time she's caught me.

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