Getting Caught in Australia?

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  1. I've never been caught with weed on me or while smoking it in a public place.
    What actually happens if you get caught with paraphernalia and weed by cops in a public place like at the beach or at a park?
    I live in NSW and I know the law says you get 2 warnings for anything less than 15g. What actually happens, though? I'd assume they'd confiscate your weed, but do they do anything else?

  2. I'm in Victoria, so the rules will be a little different, but I was caught couple months ago. First and only time. Was smoking behind a bus stop in my mates car when they pulled up behind us. They chucked what little weed we had in the dirt, did a rough search and took his keys and told us to go in to the station in the morning. We went in and he had a talk to us individually about the dangers of weed and I played along with it saying I'd only tried it a couple times haha. Gave us a written warning type thing and sent us on our way. Only took about 15 minutes

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    That doesn't sound too bad. I'm just worried about criminal records and that, but it doesn't seem like they do that with weed, unless you're a mad dealer lol.
  4. Yeah they gave me a cautioning notice that said it'll be criminally recorded. So I don't know if that's gonna fuck me up with getting a job or not. I hope not haha I might call up about it tomorrow and see

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  5. Oh shit, son. That sounds kind of serious.
    Good luck, bro.
  6. Thanks man :love:

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