getting caught as a kid

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  1. The day my mother found out that I smoked pot she went BONKERS and woke me up to "WHERES THE POT!" It was the first time I was ever busted for smoking weed but the funny thing was she didn't know that I was aware my father still smoked pot and he knew I did too. He pretended to be mad too but the truth was I got scared shitless by my mother and her "periodic drug tests" that she threatened to give me. I didn't smoke for about half a month until one day my father offered me a hit when he came up into the attic for a toke. I replied with "come on dad you know im getting tested" and he replied "nah dont worry about that". We ended up feeling fine and did some yard work, when my mother came out to say something to us he was too high to realize she was still there and took a long rip from his pipe, as I turned around to my mother with the most puzzled face in the universe I whipped my head the other way as if I wasn't seeing it. Once he realized what he was doing his face turned pale and he completely tried shaking it off like it never happened haha, man my dad was the coolest human being and a great father. R.I.P
  2. This was an amazing real life story period, and sorry to here about your dad bro. Rip.
  3. First time I got caught I had some DANK in a water bottle inside my matress. My mom was cleaning or some shit while I was taking a shower and heard it roll inside the boxspring and literally CUT my boxspring open. She just banged on the bathroom door when I was trying to toke in the shower and I came out red-eyed and blazed as hell. She thought I was trying to grow haha! It was in a rolled up baggie in a water bottle, so the pot was suspended like mid bottle. I just busted up laughing at the thought and she just stared while I doubled over laughing while completely toasted :cool:
  4. my first time getting busted my mom CALLED THE POLICE AND HAD ME ARRESTED. i had to deal with some asshole cop that kept yelling about vietnam or some shit. i was soooo baked tho. like i busted out laughing when the cop was screaming at me lol. i havent talked to my parents in 8 years cuz of that bullshit (busted at 16, moved out at 17, now im 24). i tend to hold grudges...
  5. First time I got caught was when my dad brought me down in the basement and he showed me that he found my pipes and bongs and an eighth of dank. I was so pissed because he threw out my weed and he made me bust up my bongs and shit. I was baked to shit so at that time I could have cared less. I just stared at him with *****ed eyes and a grin on my face.
  6. Me and my friend decided to roll in my van cause it has a table and such. I didn't wanna smoke in it cause it was in the garage and my mom was coming home soon. After we finished rolling my friend pops the joint in his mouth. I said no way but he still lights it so we just ended up smoking inside. We finished and went inside to chill. I came back out it smelt like ganj so I opened the door and started my van till my mom got home. I figured the smell went away but half an hour later she went out for a smoke in the garage and comes in and tells me that when she was younger that there was always weed around but it still isn't good to smoke. Didn't really ever discuss it again.

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