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Getting caught advice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sxxlmxn, May 7, 2011.

  1. I got caught a few weeks ago (I'm 18) by my dad and he said he didn't want me doing it and if I was to do it, don't be stupid. So tonight I smoked again and I got caught. I was doing it in my car with my friend and my parents walked past us (we were parked in this part of my development area. So my mom freaked out and now I have to meet them for breakfast tomorrow morning to talk about it. I've smoked a couple times in between even though I told my dad I wouldn't. What should I do? Is the truth worth the trouble?:(
  2. Just try to prove to them that it hasn't negatively affected your life in any way. Show them that it's not as addictive or as harmful as most people think it is. Unfortunately, my parents never were the type to agree with the facts. I hope yours are.
  3. my moms convinced that weed is bad for you. i talked to her a couple weeks ago about how weed and hemp have so much more uses medically and industrially that we are missing out on. she doesn't know that i smoke because i a have asthma and i'm a smooth talker. talk to them about it's benefits and how it is good in your life. the worst that could happen is that they disagree. in my experiences with other things just fess up to what they know and nothing more.
  4. You'd think you'd tell em the pro's of it, but they aren't gonna wanna hear it. They'll see it as disrespect and being a smart ass.
    Apologize and toke a lil wiser
  5. Good fuckin' Lord...Quit getting caught already.

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