Getting carded when buying cigarettes

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  1. I think it's so stupid how I get carded everywhere I go to buy cigs. I mean if i'm carrying my car keys and drove here, obviously i'm fuckin 18. And they always make such a big deal of it too, they tell me to take it out of my wallet and look at it at every angle known to man, when there's people waiting in line. The they look so disappointed when it turns out i'm actually 19 and grudgingly sell them to me.
  2. I know what you mean, it's annoying, but I'm pretty sure they're required to card you if you look under 35 or something like that.

    Some places I get carded and some places I don't, depends on the day.
  3. where do u live ? last time i checked you can drive at 16 and 18 to buy cigarettes. and btw i work at a gas station in az and trust me we can get butt fucked SO hard if we get caught selling to underage people. here is a list of everything that can happen

    lose your job
    get fined
    get arrested AND spend up to 10 days in jail
    get MY driver's license suspended for 6 months
    never work anywhere where alcohol is served

    All i'm saying is don't give these people a hard time. THey're following STATE laws and they don't wanna lose their job. It takes you what, 5 secs to take your wallet out and take your id out, can't be that hard.

    i've kicked out a handful of people in these last few months when they start getting all pissy at me for carding them. I just tell em to leave.
  4. I understand where the people are coming from, they don't want to lose their jobs and all that.

    But What pisses me off is when they've SEEN you before and KNOW who you are, and you forgot your ID Card with you that day, and they won't sell it to you just because of that. I've raised hell in some gas stations because of situations like this.
  5. I blame states for being so harsh about selling to minors. They send in narcs to perform stings on the gas stations and it creates an irrational fear of selling to people who are clearly 18.

    It's not fucking crack people, I have a full beard - SELL ME THE FUCKING CIGARETTES!!!

    Sorry, had a moment there.
  6. It may be because I grew up in a smaller town but one of the convienience stores I used to go to sold me blunts, pieces, and everything weed-related under the sun without carding even when I was under 19.
    Some are just lenient but I've never seen convience stores that strict around here...

  7. Yeah that too, there's one place I go to where they card me EVERY time, even though I buy cigs there every week. Do they think I got younger since the last time I came in?
  8. Who care man. Have it out and waiting for them. It's their job to ask you. You can't assume anyone is 18, I personally can't tell the difference between a 17 year old and a 18 year old.. can you?

  9. You think that's bad? Try being 20 and getting carded for LOTTO TICKETS! I shit you not. I rarely used to get carded when I used to buy cigs, but the other day I went to get some lotto tickets for my mom and the lady asked me how old I was, I said "19 turning 20...why?" And she looked at me and said "uhm....yeah I don't believe you. I need to see I.D." There was a huge fucking line in the grocery store and this bitch was asking me for my I.D. for a fucking lotto ticket. I looked at her and asked "Are you kidding me? Are you being serious?" And she gave me a dirty look and said "Yes I'm serious." I said "Wow okay" And gave it to her and she was trying to do the math outloud (1989 minus 2009) and I said "Sweetie the result is 20 but I am still 19". She, again, gave me a dirty look and then gave me back the I.D. and the Lotto Tickets. Stupid cunt.
  10. I did have to get into a fight with a cashier once. I showed them my Id, which at the time was still my "JR" Id from before I turned 21. (I was 21 at the time) and it has this strip on it that says Not 21 until so and so date.

    he says, your not 18 I can't sell these to you. I say, your right Im not 18.. Im 21. He still insisted I was underage until I pretty much shoved it in his face and made him do the math. Man did he feel like a douche.
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    Uh no, obviously if you drove there your at the youngest 16, or even younger if you stole your parents whip.

    I got tattoos on both sides of my neck and I still get carded occasionally, i'm 22 years old. You have to be 18 to get a tattoo, and my buddy told me even with parental consent you can't get a tattoo on your face or neck, any tattoo that can't be concealed u ntil your an actual adult to determine what impact it might have on your career life.

    One time I didn't have my ID on me and the pack of cigarettes were on the counter when they asked, and I told them "i'm 20 but I left my wallet at my buddies house" and she told me "well your gonna have to go get your ID" so I snatched the cigarettes, put a 5 down (the cigs were like 4.20 sumthin at the time, before the tax) and said "I'm stealing these, and accidentally dropping 5 dollars here" and walked out. It's not like I really stole them ya know haha, although she did have a pretty shocked look.
  12. I work in a pretty popular deli in my area. Weekend shifts I couldn't tell you how many people we serve and I have to ring up, it's hard to remember you all.
    That or it just becomes habit to ask, so it comes out of my mouth before anything else.

    I dunno man I can see how it's annoying but so would be all the thousands of dollars in fines between myself and the owner. Pass on that
  13. I get carded half the time and im 18 now. When i was 17 some places carded me and still sold to me lol

  14. Ha, I had a friend in high school who was a narc, still one of the coolest narcs ever! This kid was driven around by a government agent like twice a month to random places that sold cigs or booze. He got paid allot for it and this kid wasn't a kid you'd hate. He had tried marijuana, shrooms, saliva. He was a boss. God, I miss high school...but I love college parties.
  15. It can be annoying, but take it as a compliment. You don't look old as fuck. I've been buying my own cigarettes since I was 12 or 13. I still haven't figured out if I just looked old or if the stores around here don't care. Now it's almost a relief that I get carded, haha. Means I'm having a good day, appearance wise.
  16. Before I was 18, I smoked 3 packs a week. I got carded twice at 711 and convinced him to sell them to me anyways both times.
  17. OP: not at all man. Yeah if your a regular at a place, then its dickish for them to card you every time. I worked at a gas station for 9 months. Excise sent in a guy, looked about 25ish. I didnt card him. I got a $50 fine and a class A misdo. Store got a $200 fine. I had to beg to keep my job with my boss. Its no joke brother. Anyone with a job has to protect their own ass. Especially since the feds want to rape it.
  18. i dont get carded but im gigantic and i go to the same place to buy all my weed/tobacco supplies so they know me
  19. its not that serious your just showing a card its not like they are asking for your birth certificate and a note from the doctor that aided in your birth just relax they have a job to do and if the line is long well you leave the store in the next 3 mins that person is stuck there till the store closes and they have to deal with the line they created so its not a big deal
  20. lol at the shell up by my house in tampa, i dont even get carded and i just turned 18*

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