getting busted because of texts

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  1. can you get busted because of texts , like if you text your pick up err can you get an 8th or can you get any weed today or something alot can you get busted ??
  2. I have never heard of buyers getting busted over a text. but I know a guy that got busted and they used texts against him to prove he was trafficking.
  3. ok , its just something you might worry about , or say if the po knocked on your door and had a warrent because they moneterd your texts
  4. could they even get a warrent with text evidence ??
  5. If you live in Cali, probably.
  6. unless your pushing weight, you don't mean shit to a cop

  7. depends where u live.

    Nyc yes

    po dunk south dakota, no

  8. Are you saying that cops in the largest city in the US (Which happens to have decriminalized marijuana) have nothing better to do than pursue potheads via text while cops in a small town from South Dakota where marijuana isn't decriminalized are so preoccupied that they let this shit fly?

  9. No iewed, the exact opposite of what you posted.
  10. They arnt looking at your texts but even if you delete them they are there FOREVER and can always be traced to you.
  11. Cops aren't gonna be looking for somebody texting about a 20 bag, but if you were arrested, they might look into your texts. But then again, at that point your probably screwed anyway :rolleyes:
  12. oh shit my bad
  13. YES! YOU CAN!
    If you get arrested and they have probable cause to search your property they can download every text message you have ever given or received.
  14. if you use certain words or pictures in a text, then the telemarketing companies computer database pulls it. after that it gets reviewed by one of the employees, they will decide whether to flag you or not. once you're flagged, all of you texts will be monitored, and they can also choose to monitor your phone calls.

    either way, every text you send/receive is entered into a database, forever.

    if you're small time, they most likely won't care enough to alert the authorities, but you still might get flagged.

    most major telemarketing companies do this.

  15. I'm not sure if theyre allowed to tap our phone calls.
    But yeah, they have a list of words and if you send enough texts out involving the words on the list, theyll monitor you iirc.
  16. they're allowed to monitor your phone calls only if you get flagged through the texts.

    other than that talking on the phone is fine.

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