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Getting bud home

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420rookie, May 6, 2011.

  1. Never Bought bud, wondering how i should go about driving it home and a decent way to stash it is. Help is appreciated :)
  2. asshole. God's lockbox.

    but more seriously... search your car for stash spots... just dont keep it in your glove box.

  3. this guy, hiding it in your ass is really the only way unless you want to go to jail for a long time :(
  4. Yeah, you have to stick it up your ass. If you don't, they'll find it. Keep that butthole tight bro.
  5. In your trunk
  6. Um
    I guess i should do the same when i pick up a new vaporizer or Bong?? :confused:

  7. I just stick it in my pocket and drive away. Don't give em a reason to pull you over and you don't have to worry.
  8. not rocket science figuring out how to drive it home as long as your not smoking it while driving or breaking any traffic laws that'd ward you to be pulled over your good as for stashing methods use the search bar and you'll find plenty of threads with adequate ways of stashing your green
  9. I can't help but notice that every answer hasn't been stick it in your ass.

  10. In all honesty it depends on how much you have. If its a small amount you can stash it in an Altoids box or something and stick it under your seat, or you can place it in the trunk, or in the spare tire compartment, or something like that. More than anything get creative and find a place than you feel its most safe. But more than anything, be sure to drive safe so as to not bring any unwanted attention to yourself from authorities.
  11. pull off plastic panels in your car and stash it there. sometimes under the hood there might be some extra space in the fuse box
  12. trunk is probably the best option. cops can't look in there without your consent or probable cause and they shouldn't have any unless you smoke some of it and smell up your car.
  13. Alright, thanks for the help so far, i got some ideas, and ill look for a stashing thread, I guess a lot of people enjoy weed in their asshole? who knew
  14. dude chill out, put it in a bag in the trunk and drive like a normal person. no fast and furious shit, and youre set :)
  15. Jesus doggy-style Christ, I can't believe you guys are serious about the ass thing. These past few years I've thought "Man, it sucks balls living in Massachusetts. Bands never want to come here, there's never anything fun going on.." etc. Now I realize how lucky I am that it's decriminalized here. The idea of going to jail for having under an ounce seems so crazy to me, and I'm sure it seems even crazier to those of you living in harsher states out there. I suppose I should start counting my blessings.
  16. It's not so bad sticking weed up your ass. You get used to it. If you just pick up with a friend then you can take turns sticking it up your ass if you are really that sensitive. Sure, your ass might have to eat twice as much, but only half the time so it works out :smoke:
  17. hahahahahahahahahahaha
  18. If I learned anything from listening to my girl moan, its not the time that it stays in there that makes it hurt, its taking it out, putting it back in, and repeating.
  19. sit it in ur dashboard and don't drive like a ass, cops need a reason to pull you over.

  20. seeing a baggy of weed on someones dash? ;)

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