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Getting Blazed With Chicks?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by n00dles, May 24, 2013.

  1. Unless im drunk at the same time, i find myself too stoned to be able to hold a conversation. And for some reason every time i smoke for a half hour or so i feel anxiety and my muscles will tense up it looks weird. Thats why i dont blaze with honeys too much and it pisses me off!
  2. find a chick who you're totalllllly chill with, that way you don't give a crap what your saying or what you look like... just enjoy the 2 best things God made.. herb and the pussay. 
  3. You need to learn to relax. It's not the weed, it's you. You're over-thinking the situations and causing your anxiety. Just treat them as if they're normal, not some objective you need to accomplish.
    Not saying you're just trying to hook up with them, I'm saying you're viewing them as different, as people you have to work hard to talk to.
  4. Just relax man, it's all in your head. Chances are, if you relax you might be able to be more open. I find it easier for me to talk when I'm high. Get to know the girl and once your chill with her, light it up and relax, enjoy yourself and the girl! You can do it!! [:
    nailed it on the head.
    just relax man!
    if the girl is into you, one stupid stoned statement isnt going to ruin that.
    plus you cant worry about little things like this.
    just blaze up & enjoy the company.
    personally i love blazing with my chick friends.
    you get all that gossip and shit, but dont really have to contribute.
    plus even if you just turn out to be friends, they hook you up with their friends.
  6. You just need to relax. You're over thinking things when you're with them, which I know can be easy to do when you're high. Start out smoking with some girls that you have minimal attraction to so you can learn how to relax around the opposite sex. 

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