Getting blazed at work.

Discussion in 'General' started by dy-no-mite3000, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. I work in an office building here in Manhattan and occasionally I bring my pipe to work and hit the bowl in the later parts of the work day. Today we were short a bunch of video editors at my gig, so much so we were more than half staffed. I knew a bunch of people were going to be out on vacation so I purposely brought my trusty pipe, the smoke tube/happy tube whatever you want to call it (toilet paper roll with a few fabric softener sheets in it, and 2-3 tissues with some cologne sprayed on it to blow through to mask/eliminated any smell of smoke.) and ofcourse I bring a fresh dub sack of Jack Herrer to the office.

    Needless to say since about 9:30 am, then again before lunch, and then again sometime after 5, and I just hit the bathroom again @ 7:30pm tonight, that I have enjoyed having to do my OT to cover other peoples shifts.

    Case of the Mondays? Nope. Not here.
  2. Every job i've had i've smoked during hours, I use to smoke with my boss (when I worked and before he fired me for being 5min late.... fucking dick, he got fired right after me though, Karma). Hell, I use to smoke at school. That was retarded though.

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